Written By Sam McPherson

As you might have read, I'm currently taking a class on LOST, and am therefore alternating between writing papers about the show's mythology and writing for TVOvermind. In order to save time, I've compressed this week's DVD release schedule into a double reviewreview. Acorn Media released two new DVD sets earlier this week: Dr. Willoughby and The Windsors: From George to Kate.

Dr. Willoughby, which initially aired in the UK in 1999, isn't too great. It fits in with shows like Extras and Curb Your Enthusiasm by showing the people who star in television shows as thoughtless, self-involved idiots. But while those shows mentioned above made sure to have a likable protagonist, there's no one in this show who's particularly likable. The show just features a bunch of vain people vying for attention they don't deserve, and ultimately, Dr. Willoughby doesn't deserve your attention either.

On the other hand, the documentary set The Windsors: From George to Kate is pretty enjoyable. It's the perfect history lesson for any Anglophile still reeling after last year's Royal Wedding -- or after last year's Oscar winner The King's Speech. The main documentary goes from George V, the father of The King's Speech's protagonist, all the way to the Royal Engagement between William and Kate. The documentary stops just short of the wedding, but the special features of the set include clips from the wedding day.

So there's your verdict, Anglophiles. Grab The Windsors: From George to Kate, but don't bother with Dr. Willoughby.