30 for 30 Collector's Set Blu-ray
ESPN marked its 30th anniversary by commissioning 30 directors to make 30 sports-related documentaries. While there are a few clunkers in the bunch, movies like The Two Escobars, Winning Time and June 17th, 1994 rank with some of the best non-fiction films of the past decade.

Perfect For: Sports fans looking for something to watch with baseball over, basketball in a lockout and the Super Bowl fast approaching.

Price: $99.95

Band of Brothers/The Pacific Gift Set
Brought to you by the combined might of Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and HBO, these deservedly acclaimed World War II-era miniseries are given the deluxe DVD treatment in this handsome set, which comes with an all-new documentary featuring new interviews with some of the veterans that fought in both the European and Pacific theaters of the last "good war."

Perfect For: Military history buffs that have gotten bored with the usual History Channel fare.

Price: $159.98

Barney Miller: The Complete Series
Hal Linden oversees a squad room full of colorful cops in this vintage '70s sitcom that's still considered one of the finest police serials of all time. The 25-disc set comes with the show's original pilot and the entire run of its short-lived spin-off, Fish.

Perfect For: The retired cop that owns your local dive bar.

Price: $159.99

Big Love: The Complete Collection
A case study in how a great show can run off the rails, Big Love's first three seasons are fantastic, provocative television. And then Season Four and Five happen. Extras include some presumably defensive commentary tracks from the show's creators.

Perfect For: The aspiring polygamists that live next door.

Price: $199.95

Community: The Complete Second Season
Season 2 of NBC's second-best current comedy series (behind Parks and Recreation) was filled with such high points as Abed's riff on My Dinner with Andre, Abed's Claymation Christmas special and Abed's eager dissection of Farscape with a potential male suitor.

Non-Abed specific storylines that also killed included a rousing game of Dungeons & Dragons and another round of paintball madness. The cast and crew walk you through the entire season courtesy of lively commentary tracks on every single episode.

Perfect For: Your comedy-challenged relatives who still think Two and a Half Men is the funniest sitcom on the air.

Price: $45.99

Detroit 1-8-7: The Complete First Season
Of all the shows from the 2010-2011 season that didn't earn a sophomore year, this Detroit-set procedural was the one we were sorriest to see go. Michael Imperioli and James McDaniel headed up a fine ensemble and the storylines were well-written if a bit predictable.

We'd rather see more of this than an entirely forgettable procedural like Unforgettable, that's for sure.

Perfect For: That nice couple down the street that's thinking about moving to Detroit.

Price: $29.98

Doctor Who: The David Tennant Years
Join the best incarnation of The Doctor since Tom Baker for a wild three-series (plus bonus specials) ride through time and space. As an added bonus, you get to spend time with the Doctor's best contemporary companion, Martha Jones. Rose who?

Perfect For: Former Who fans that haven't seen the show since Baker hung up his scarf.

Price: $199.98

Eastbound & Down: The Complete Second Season
Just when you though Danny McBride & Co. couldn't get any crazier or more offensive, his hilariously un-P.C. alter ego Kenny Powers takes a trip across the border and engages in all sorts of bad behavior. E&D's brand of comedy isn't for everyone, but there's nothing else on the air quite like it.

Perfect For: Anyone who thinks that Hung is HBO's edgiest comedy.

Price: $29.98

The Ernie Kovacs Collection
Brilliantly ahead of his time, '50s era comedian Ernie Kovacs put the young medium of television through its paces with some of the wittiest, most inventive programming of his day. Shout! Factory's lovingly curated set includes episodes from his primetime show on NBC, as well as five specials for ABC and assorted short films he produced over the course of his career.

Perfect For: Monty Python fans wondering where the group got some of their rule-breaking ideas.

Price: $69.97

Farscape: The Complete Series Blu-ray Edition
The best space opera of the '00s (sorry Stargate fans), Farscape fused humor, action, drama, romance and puppets into one awesomely addictive package. If there's a hotter TV couple from the decade than Claudia Black and Ben Browder -- both of whom are interviewed for an all-new retrospective documentary available exclusively on this edition -- we'd like to meet 'em.

Perfect For: Trekkers disappointed that the latter-day Trek series didn't make room for any flatulent alien puppets.

Price: $199.95

Friday Night Lights: The Complete Series
Relive all the joys and heartbreak of Coach Eric Taylor's five year tour of duty coaching high-school football in the pigskin-mad town of Dillon, Texas. One more time: "Clear eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose."

Perfect For: Anyone who claims to have a heart.

Price: $129.99

Jem and The Holograms: The Truly Outrageous Complete Series
The pink-haired '80s glam rocker takes the stage again in this nostalgia-fueled 11-disc set that comes in a specially designed neon-pink box and includes vintage TV commercials for Jem-related merchandise, featurettes and a video jukebox containing some of the fictional band's best tunes. "Can't Get My Love Together" is so our jam.

Perfect For: Your tween niece that's still hooked on Hannah Montana repeats.

Price: $89.99

Jersey Shore: Season Four Uncensored
The Jersey Shore crew heads off to Italy and thankfully avoids starting World War III, though not through any lack of effort on their part. These uncensored cuts of the episodes include all the hook-ups, drunken tirades and nip slips that were too hot for MTV to air.

Perfect For: Your orange-skinned, gym rat co-worker.

Price: $26.98

Law & Order: The Complete Series
Looking for a DVD set that can double as a paperweight and/or murder weapon? Take a gander at this massive 104-disc box set that spans the entire 20-year run of Dick Wolf's addictive cops-and-lawyers series. Sure the $700 price tag seems steep, but think about it: that's roughly the same price you pay for a year's worth of cable, which you use primarily to watch repeats of… Law & Order.

Perfect For: Your old law school pal who has repeatedly failed the bar exam.

Price: $699.99

The League: The Complete Season Two
The unsung hero of FX's comedy line-up, The League really came into its own in its sophomore season, giving its ridiculously talented ensemble cast plenty of opportunities to shine and making room for some fun cameos from the sports world. This two-disc set comes with extended cuts of seven out of the season's 13 episodes, deleted scenes and a gag reel.

Perfect For: All your Facebook friends that find fantasy football as silly as you do.

Price: $29.98

Neverwhere: 15th Anniversary Edition
Novelist and comic-book icon Neil Gaiman's first foray into television (which he later adapted into book form) is a flawed, but fun fantasy series set in a magical realm that exists underneath London, populated by warriors, beasts, angels and the occasional ordinary human.

Perfect For: Neil Gaiman completists.

Price: $19.98

Co-directors Ken Burns and Lynn Novick revisit America's brief spell as a dry nation in this entertaining three-part documentary that explores the many flaws (and a few of the modest virtues) of Prohibition. As is always the case with a Ken Burns production, the film contains plenty of pity commentary from its cast of talking heads and the archival material is exhaustive.

Perfect For: People who keep talking in reverential tones about "the good ol' days."

Price: $39.99

Robotech: The Complete Original Series
Stitched together out of three different anime series, this mid-'80s syndicated staple pits a brave crew of humans against an invading alien army bent on their destruction. All 85 episodes of the show's American run are collected here along with 10 hours of extras, which range from music videos to a plus-sized appendix of stills and other behind-the-scenes material.

Perfect For: Old school Transformers fans eager for more '80s cartoons about alien robots.

Price: $99.95

Upstairs, Downstairs: 40th Anniversary Edition
The '70s British serial that had viewers on both sides of the Atlantic hooked, Upstairs, Downstairs chronicled the disparate lives of an upper class family and the servants that keep their stately household running smoothly. Unfolding over the course of three decades, the series functions as both great drama and a portrait of a quickly changing England. This edition comes with 25 hours of bonus material, including commentary tracks and a making-of documentary.

Perfect For: People who think Downton Abbey was an original idea.

Price: $199.99

The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season Special Edition Blu-ray
AMC's biggest hit isn't the network's best show (that would be Mad Men or Breaking Bad depending on the time of day and our mood) but the creative zombie kills keep us coming back, even if the dialogue makes us regularly reach for the mute button. This special edition is worth purchasing just for the black-and-white version of the show's stellar pilot alone.

Perfect For: Survivalists that want to fully prepare themselves for the coming zombie

Price: $59.97