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Thread: Jeff and Jordan are Moving to L.A. Together

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    Default Jeff and Jordan are Moving to L.A. Together

    by Branden Barker
    Posted on November 21, 2011

    Looks like Big Brother 11 and 13′s Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd have decided to give Los Angeles a try outside the Big Brother house. And they’re going to do so together.

    So Jeff and Jordan fans who have wondered when the Big Brother couple were going to take the next step now have their answer. Of course some of the fans were hoping for that next step to be a wedding, but moving in together will have to do.

    Jeff and Jordan called in to The Baub Show Sunday and revealed the big news.

    “Me and Jordan are moving to Los Angeles … or the greater Los Angeles area,” Jeff said on the show. “Early next year is our goal. Whether it’s January, Februrary or March…”

    It sounds like Jordan is more interested in doing a non-entertainment 9 to 5 job, while Jeff might be aiming more for TV/internet hosting and travel. At any rate, fans, you can probably expect to hear a lot more from the reality super couple.

    You can hear the transcript of the show here.

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    Good to hear. Jordan really didn't seem into the last season at all, and hope she can deal with the LA lifestyle. She seems so down to earth. Wish them all the happiness, and one of the rare couples who really seem in love. They are a cute couple.

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