No. 10 -- Horrible Bosses
For guys, gals, buds and BFFs who love R-rated comedies, this story about three friends who decide to off their bosses is our No. 10 on the list of must-haves. (Available on DVD October 11, 2011)

No. 9 -- Cars 2

This second installment in the Pixar-Owen Wilson love affair of the race car and his unlikely friends is perfect for boys (and girls!) on your list. (Available on DVD November 1, 2011)

No. 8 -- Super 8
The story of a misfit gang of teen filmmakers who record a secret government cover-up proving the existence aliens is our pick for ‘tweens and adults who like adventure, sci-fi and thrills. (Available on DVD November 22, 2011)

No. 7 -- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 & 2
For your favorite family who loves snuggling up on the couch to watch the Hogwarts take their last stand, this is a must own. (Available on DVD November 11, 2011)

No. 6 -- Tangled
Rapunzel gives every girl new respect for her hair in this PG animated romantic comedy perfect for the little ladies on your list. (Available on DVD March 29, 2011)

No. 5 -- The Hangover Part II

The Wolf Pack joins forces for another serious headache in our pick for the man in your life who loves buddies, booze and lots of laughs. (Available December 6, 2011)

No. 4 -- Friends with Benefits
For couples, lovers and anyone who appreciates a good date night movie, this story of putting sex before the relationship is our favorite romantic comedy of the year. (Available December 2, 2011)

No. 3 -- The King’s Speech

For the scholar, the reader, the lover of classics, this Oscar-winning period drama about a king with a speech impediment is one you can watch over and over again. (Available April 19, 2011)

No. 2 -- The Help
For your book club gals who devour adaptations, this period drama about three women struggling with racism in the South in the 60s is definitely high on the list. (Available December 6, 2011)

No. 1 -- Bridesmaids
For you, your sisters, your BFFs and anyone who's ever been in a wedding before (haven't we all!?), this is our No. 1 must own DVD for your 2011 shopping list. (Available September 20, 2011)