by David Bloomberg
-- 09/15/2011

Porsche was very nearly out in the first week of Big Brother 13. But she came back and made it all the way to the end, where she very nearly won. But considering she got second, what worked out like they had planned? Porsche tells us in this interview, along with answering other questions like: What could she have done differently to win? If shed won the final HOH, would she have taken Rachel or Adam to the end? Why does she think she lost Shellys vote? Did the veterans have an unfair advantage? What does she think about Jeff & Jordans comments related to her game play? And more!

Reality News Online: Hello, Porsche, and thanks for taking the time to talk to us here at Reality News Online! Congratulations on getting second place!
Porsche: Thank you so much.

RNO: Considering it looked almost certain that you would be the first one evicted until Keith blew up on himself, you had quite a comeback! How did you make it through that very first week when it seemed like things were not looking very good for you?
Porsche: Especially during that first week, I saw that Keith was getting very close to the newbies. I knew I needed numbers behind me, so I aligned myself with the veterans and made some other deals with a couple newbies and got myself the votes I needed to stay through that first week.

If you had won the final HOH competition, would you have gone with your agreement and taken Rachel with you, or would you have brought Adam along instead? And why?
Porsche: If I had won, I would have definitely kept to my agreement with Rachel. In Big Brother, you only have your word and its so important in that game. If I had not taken her, I definitely wouldve lost her and Brendons votes. With Adam, I knew he was close with Jeff and Jordan, so I would lose their votes too. If I would have taken Adam, I felt for sure I would have had second place. So it was more important to keep my word with Rachel and our friendship.

Were you surprised to see Shelly vote for Rachel to win, especially since that would have been the deciding vote in your favor?
Porsche: Absolutely. I really thought a lot more of Shelly, that she would be able to vote on her own. But once I kind of realized Jeff and Jordan were in discussion and I saw they were friendly with her again, I knew the only reason Jeff and Jordan made up with Shelly was that she was an easily-swayed vote. By being nice to her, it was easy to get her to vote the way they wanted to and give Rachel the money. Thats how she played the whole game, so Im not surprised thats how she voted.

Do you think there was anything you could have done, either earlier in the game or within the past week, to give yourself the win?
Porsche: I definitely couldve won more competitions. (Laughs) No, I think everyone plays the game week by week as well as thinking long-term. I did the best I could to get where I was. It was the last few weeks of deals with Rachel and we took each other. It worked out exactly how we had planned.

RNO: How much are you kicking yourself over people not voting out Rachel when they had so many previous opportunities?
Porsche: People definitely had a lot of opportunities. That just shows how competitive she is and what a game player she is. She didnt have a target the entire time and was used as a pawn once in a while. People shouldve seen her as a threat. She was the strongest female competitor, and thats why I aligned with her.

What were your original plans coming into the house and how well did you think youd be able to do once the twists were revealed?
Porsche: Originally, coming in playing by yourself and a group of newbies, you think you can easily flirt and manipulate your way to the top. Then you find more winners in your season than All-Stars had. It was an uphill battle and you totally had to reformat your game.

So how did you reformat your game?
Porsche: First off, I stuck with the veterans. Once I started to see they were caving in on themselves and it wasnt going to work out well for them, I split off from that and went to another place where I was free to talk about things other than game and I wasnt being told to throw competitions like the veterans would tell people.

Speaking of talking to other people, you said in final jury questioning that you talked strategy with everybody on the jury, but both Jeff and Jordan have said otherwise. Indeed, they repeatedly mentioned that they barely even knew you were in the house and said you talked game with them for about eight minutes all season, and even then, didnt start playing until Day 52. Other viewers have also commented on you kicking up your play after Jeff left. How do you respond to that?
Porsche: You know what, coming from Jeff and Jordan, Im not surprised they forgot there was another person in the house. They voted for me to stay in the first week. Me, Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, and Rachel were in an alliance til week four. Sorry if they forgot I was playing the game. Its just like the Veto when Jeff forgot I was next to him.
I didnt ask to be given a Golden Key and sit out for a month. After those 30 days, I was in second place in four competitions, a lot of times I was second to Jeff. He should be aware I was on his heels until I beat him in a footrace.

RNO: As you note, because you got the Golden Key early, you couldnt compete for a while and said you played a social game at that point. What exactly was your strategy for that time and how did you play a social game?
Porsche: For the first three weeks having the Golden Key, you dont want to open your mouth too wide because you cant compete and I didnt want to make myself a target. I got to be really close with Rachel and that alliance I built with her helped carry me through in the end, in the last few weeks. But it also gave me the opportunity to make relationships and bonds with other people in the house and call on that in all sides.

Do you feel the veterans had an advantage coming in, since each of them were in pairs that had a bond that could not be broken?
Porsche: Oh absolutely! Our pairs were determined in the first minute we were there. They definitely had a huge advantage in that.

Do you think it was fair?
Porsche: No, I dont think its fair, but thats part of Big Brother. Youre not there to play a fair game, youre there to play your game [where you] expect the unexpected, and you just have to adjust to the curve balls they throw. Im definitely excited that I was one of eight new people that were able to play with six people that have been there before just strong people all around.

You and Adam seemed to have an interesting friendship in the house, and it was not really clear if there was also some strategic partnership going on. Can you explain your relationship in the game?
Porsche: Adam and I definitely bonded a lot in the house. Hes funny, hes laid back, he didnt like being in the drama either. He and I had our no-drama alliance and it worked for us we got to stay pretty neutral. It was nice.

RNO: What are you planning to do now that youre out of the house, and how will you get back into your everyday life?
Porsche: All my family came out for the finale, so its really nice getting to regroup with them and hearing different stories about things that have gone on. Its nice to get back to my family and those who truly care about me in my life. I plan on saving the money, sharing it with my family if they need anything, and I like being in front of the camera. Hopefully I can get a little bit further into that field.

Time is running out for us, so is there anything else youd like to tell us about your long summer in the Big Brother house?
Porsche: Just that it was a once in a lifetime experience that I would 100% repeat!

Thanks again, Porsche!