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Good morning, BB lovers! Happy Tuesday! :0) Before I dive into the flashback machine on the live feeds and get to amassing the Overnight Report, I've got a few important details to share with you.

With the Big Brother 13 Finale happening tomorrow, a lot of you are probably wondering, what now?? Well, Chelsia's been hard at work over at real organizing just that, and she's got a ton of reality programming coming your way!

In addition to the backyard BB interviews immediately following the finale, and the live coverage of the wrap party Thursday night, Real/Superpass will be flying your favorite HGs up to Seattle for live interviews and chats. The 1st of the live chats with BB13 HGs is tentatively scheduled for next Thursday, September 22nd. And there's a ton of non-BB programming too.

Here are just a handful of the post BB live shows to look forward to:

  • Wednesday Night, just After the Finale: Backyard Interviews LIVE on SuperPass around 8:15ish pm BBT. This will be ON the live feeds, so you'll be able to see it from your computer or your mobile device, if you added that option.
  • Thursday, September 15th - 3pm BBT/6pm Eastern - Redemption Recap with Phillip Sheppard from Survivor 22 LIVE from Tru Hollywood! This will be in the Live Shows player.
  • Thursday, September 15th, BB13 Wrap Party LIVE from Tru Hollywood! at 7pm BBT/10pm Eastern. This will be in the live shows player.
  • Wednesday, September 21st at 3pm PT/6pmET, Weighing In with Suzy Hoover and Olivia & Courtney from Biggest Loser 11. This will be in the live shows player.
  • Thursday, September 22 at 3pm PT/6pm Eastern - Redemption Recap with Stephanie Valencia from Survivor 22 - This will be in the live shows player.
  • First live chat with BB13 HG's (waiting to confirm) 9/22 around 6pm PT

As with yesterday, this is really much more of a Full Day Wrap Up than an Overnight.. Here we go with the Key Conversations...

Feeds 3 & 4
Adam & Porsche
Backyard - Couch

While Rachel is inside the house, Adam makes his pitch to Porsche...

We join this conversation in progress...

Porsche: The only thing is, it would have worked out to my best advantage if you would've beat me in that, then beat her in questions and taken me... because..
Adam: I can still give you 500,000, if you take me.
Porsche: mm hmm. What if Shelly doesn't vote for me?
Adam: I can get.. the jury to vote for you.
Porsche: But you don't have time to talk to them before.
***excellent point. Number 3 gets evicted during the live show now, so there is absolutely no time. Frankly, there never was. To my knowledge, Number 3 has never spent a night in the jury house.
Adam: If I'm inside the house, I do.
Porsche: Inside what house?
Adam: Inside this house.
Porsche: Oh, to like tell them to?
Adam: I will.. I will tell them to vote for you.
Porsche: mm hmm

Adam: I will give you Fara's necklace as collateral.

**oh, Adam.. unless it grew 70 carats over night, this is no longer a viable promise.

Porsche: mm hmm
Adam: I can convince them to vote for you.. if you take me. 500,000 for you can do wonders. 50,000 for me can get me what I wanna do. I want 500,000, don't get me wrong. I don't need 500,000.
Porsche: mm hmm
Adam: If you look at it this way.. You need the 500,000.. You can take care of your father and get your self set up.. 50,000 for me.. I can get a ring.. and get a wedding going..
Porsche: And you think Jeff and Jordan would go for that? You think Jeff would let you tell him how to vote.

Adam: Yeah. I definitely could. And I know you're taking a risk by doing that, but i wanna see something good come out of this money, and I know you could do something good with this money.
Porsche: mm hmm
Adam: I'll give you time to think about it..

***oh, Adam..

Adam: ...but if you take me, you'll get 500 and I'll get 50.

Porsche: Yeah, I'll definitely think about it.. cuz my whole thing is like.. If I get rid of her that way, of course I lose her and Brendon, and then, Jeff and Jordan just don't like me. heh. And they like you.. and it only takes 4.. and then Shelly..
Adam: But that's why.. I can tell them how to vote.

OK, this conversation is ongoing, but Porsche has done the math, and while her figures add up, Adam's simply don't. Further, Adam tells Porsche that if she doesn't take him, he will be the deciding vote against her. Porsche does not take kindly to this tactic.. Quite the contrary.

If you'd like to watch the rest of Adam's morning pitch to Porsche, please go to the QUAD view at 11:24am.

12:24pm BBT
Feeds 1 & 2
Rachel & Porsche
Backyard - Chaise Lounges

Adam moves to go inside, leaving Porsche & Rachel alone in the backyard.

The instant the sliding glass door closes behind him, Porsche tells Rachel everything Adam proposed to her.

Porsche: Dude, he's out of his mind.
Rachel: huh?
Porsche: He's out of his mind. He threatened me this morning.
Rachel: Shut up.. What did he say?
Porsche: Yeah.. His campaigning to me is threatening me.. That if I don't take him.. That if I win, and I don't take him, he's not gonna vote for me.
Rachel: What?

Porsche: ..and he's gonna give you the 500,000. That's what he's telling me. And if I do take him, then he's gonna.. During his speech? He's only gonna tell them to vote for me.
Rachel: Well, you have to tell him you're not gonna do it..
Porsche: Yeah, I know.. That's what I told him, but I was like.. and then he said that, and I was like, are you out of your mind? Cuz I told him before, like, dude, whatever happens happens.. Like, we had plans to go to Kentucky and stuff.. and I was like, if I win, obviously I'll take you.. and he was like, I know you're gonna do good things with the money. He's like, I just want it for like a ring and a wedding..

***Hi Fara. At least that part's gotta make ya smile... I'm sorry..

: to start planning a wedding.
BB: Rachel, please put on your microphone.
Carolyn: Thanks, BB.

Porsche: I was like, wow.. He's like, "well I'm the deciding vote, and I'm gonna tell Jordan to, you know, or.. if you keep me, I'll tell Jordan to vote for you, and you wont need Brendon, Rachel or Jeff.. and like, Shelly will vote for you." I was like, Oh my God.. Like, first of all.. It makes me mad. It makes me not even want to hang out with him anymore.
Rachel: I can't believe he threatened you..
Porsche: He was like, "I'm not gonna make this deal with Rachel.. You will win 500 if you take me." Blah blah blah.

Rachel: OK.. First of all, none of us know what the jury's gonna do, so none of us can say..
Porsche: I know.
Rachel: 2nd of all, you and I made a deal, and if either one of us break it, we know we're not getting each other's votes, so we're not stupid.
Porsche: Obviously.

Rachel: 3rd of all.. He's had just as much of a chance to..
Porsche: I know! I know it's just a last ditch effort.. He's like, "I know we'll be friends no matter what.." and I'm sitting there (thinking) like, I don't feel like being friends with you right now, because that's ridiculous..
Rachel: He threatened you?
Porsche: 1st of all, as a fan, like, you wouldn't wanna... Obviously, you're not gonna get to the final 2 and then tell them to pick the other person.
Rachel: No. He's not. You know, if either one of us took him, he would say, "I played a great social game... and sometimes the biggest moves.."
Porsche: "I didn't even have to win any parts of the final hoh to be here.."
Rachel: yeah.
Porsche: Whatever he can say, but like, that was just so rude. He's not doing that to you?
Rachel: He didn't threaten me. Maybe because I told him that I made a deal with you.
Porsche: That's how he started the conversation.. He was like, "There's no chance you're gonna take me, huh?" And I shook my head.. and he was like, "Well, I'm the deciding vote," and then he, like, started getting into this thing, and he was like, "and if you did take me, you'd win. If you don't take me, then I'm the deciding vote, and I'm gonna look at how the game has been played the whole time."

***Somewhere deep inside, Rachel just let out a "WoooHooo!" But Rachel 2.0 is silent and attentive on the exterior.

Porsche: Like, rude! Like I didn't deserve to be here.

OK.. so it appears what Adam's pitch has done is actually to drive the final nails into his BB coffin. He has a little time left to figure out another plan of attack.. but this one definitely didn't work, and at this point, I'd lay pretty big money on a Porsche/Rachel final 2.

This conversation between the girls is ongoing.. If you'd like to listen to the rest in the flashback sections of the live feeds, please go to 12:27pm on Feed 1 or 2.

Adam & Porsche
Candy Room

Adam makes another pitch to Porsche while Rachel is in the Diary Room...

Porsche: I would have to beat her in questions and stuff first anyway..
Adam: Well, if you wanna have a little fun.. and do somethin'.. make some Big Brother history.. Let's do it.
Porsche: hehehehe. Yeah.. as like the dumbest game move ever.. Bring the guy who says he's gonna tell the people not to vote for him, and then they vote for him anyway.
Adam: Well, but you know I'm serious about that. I would.
Porsche: I know. I know.. But just because you would say it doesn't mean they would do it. Doesn't mean Jordan will listen to you over Jeff. Jeff's gonna be like, "no, it's either Adam or Rachel. We're not voting for Porsche. Porsche got us both out. No questions, if and or buts." Ya know, like..

Adam: ahh
Porsche: And then there's the Shelly factor.. If I'm up against Rachel, Shelly will probably still vote for me.. Probably.. But... I know she's envious of Rachel and stuff too.. but that's an iffy chance and then, I mean, if you're up there? She's gonna vote for you.
Adam: I don't know.. I pissed her off pretty good before she left.

Porsche: Yeah, but you were her friend throughout the entire game. I was only friends with her when she left.
Adam: Right.

***In the 5 stages of BB grieving, have we now moved to acceptance?

Adam: Well, either way, I think you're in a great spot to make some money.

Porsche: Yeah.
Adam: And you earned it. You definitely earned it.. and you deserve it.
Porsche: Either way, I think I'm shooting for 2nd place, but.. ya know.. 1st place is Awesome if it happens.. ya know..

Porsche: At least I get a chance for 2nd place.. whereas, if Jordan were here, there'd be no chance for me to even have a 2nd place, because either one of you would've taken Jordan.

Adam: (intakes breath, decides to be honest) Probably..
Porsche: You know.. and there are great arguments against that. You know, like, she hasn't won anything, blablabla, blablabla and whatever..
Adam: But.. and.. this is not to influence you at all, but know I was rooting for you to win that Veto (at final 4). I really was.

Porsche: The jukebox one.. Yeah, I know.
Adam: Because even though I was aligned with them and I was workin' with them, I wanted you to do it.
Porsche: I know. And I got that too.. I came here to compete. I didn't come here thinking I was gonna get a Golden Key handed to me. I came here with a lot to prove. A big chip on my shoulder..

This conversation is ongoing.. To sum up, Porsche tells Adam that she feels she's playing for 2nd place no matter who she's next to in the final 2, but that if she's next to Rachel, her chances improve a bit. If you'd like to watch the rest of the conversation in flashback, please go to 2:47pm on the quad.

Feed 3 & 4
Adam & Rachel

While Porsche's inside the house, Rachel bucks for Adam's jury vote by listing her game accomplishments and struggles, as opposed to Porsche's who was only ever up as a pawn twice and a target once. She also compliments Adam on his strengths in the game, his comps won and his social prowess..

The following stuck with me..

Adam: I had to do what I had to do. I was playing for me.
Rachel: Exactly. You can't play for other people.
Adam: And you can't play someone else's game.

Following his conversation with Rachel, Adam heads inside to find Porsche and tend to his wound...

Rachel continues running in the backyard, increasing her pace, performing like a champion.

Porsche pours peroxide on Adam's hurt fingers.. and blows on it to soothe..

Feed 1 & 2
Adam & Porsche

Adam: I was just askin' Rachel, if like.. I'm just worried that.. because I only won the one HoH against 2 other people.. instead of like an HoH against the house.
Porsche: mm
Adam: But I did go 6 for 6.. And I'm just worried that people will..
Porsche: Will discredit your HoH? That HoH got you into the final 3.
Adam: Right. And I did win the Veto to save myself, and I did win the Otev.. I was just worried that people would be like, you beat.. a girl.. Like the bakery one, I think people are gonna say, I can't believe you lost to a girl, but I mean, Rachel is a f'ing.. She's super strong.. and if this was a year ago? I would not have been even close.
Porsche: Exactly. So think of it that way. All you can do in the comps is your best. It doesn't matter what anyone else says. And then you tell people, you live in the house, and you deal with all these super strong competitors.. I mean, I wasn't beating Jeff til the Veto that I finally beat him..

***Wandering the streets of Chicago, muttering 2 words: Clown Shoe...

Adam: But like, I know you won it fair n square.. I feel bad that I wasn't able to save him, because he was helpin me along the way..
Porsche: Yeah.. I mean.. I didn't have anyone to help me along the way.. Since week one.. I didn't have a partner to turn to.. nothing.. I was.. I resorted to the person who put me up on the block is my... great friend in the house.. but...

Adam: If nothin' else.. Out of anybody else.. After Dominic, Lawon and Keith who were my first alliance.. Out of all the newbies, I'm glad it was you.
Porsche: Thanks. Yeah, I think I deserve...
Adam: I think you deserve it too.. and that's the argument I'll have to weigh, if you don't take me..

Adam: Is how.. you did. You performed well when you had to, and people who did not give you credit along the way did not know your desire and your drive, so..
Porsche: Yeah. But you know what? Everybody in jury, with the exception of you...


Porsche: ..voted for me to stay that 1st week.
Adam: Right.

***double ouch.

This conversation is ongoing, if you'd like to catch the rest on flashback, go to Feed 1 or 2 at 7:39pm

8:22pm BBT
Feed 1 & 2
Rachel & Porsche

Rachel and Porsche believe Adam has come to terms with his looming eviction, and they feel like he's better off knowing it's coming than suffering the shock of it on live tv had they gone the other route and just strung him along.

Outside on Feeds 3 & 4, Adam is at the grill, and he's just about to step away for a smoke and confirm their belief to the live feeders... and make his pitch to America and Canada for America's Favorite.

Adam: Alright.. looks like the girls are teamin' up and voting me out. So.. it's up to you, America. America's vote.. I may not have had the strongest game, but I played my game. I did everything I thought was right. It got me to the final 3. Yeah, I stunk at some challenges.. I did well in some challenges.. but I stunk at more than one challenge. For somebody who's supposed to be so smart with stuff that happened in the house... My before and after was a f'ing bomb. The jukebox veto was a bomb..

Adam: The 2nd part of the hoh.. Smoking.. That's what cost me, man. Throwing the goggles didn't help. (points to cigarette) That is the reason I lost.

***that and being against a florida keys water baby in an underwater challenge... we're mermaids, ya know?

Adam: And hey.. I can't blame anybody but myself. I'm not pointing fingers at anybody else.. If I f'd up, if I lost a challenge? I f'd up. I was asked to throw challenges.. Week 2, when Jeff and Jordan asked me to throw the challenge to get Dominic out? I said yes, but I did not mean that. At the time, I was rollin' with Dominic. He was my boy. He was my partner. I take that stuff very seriously.. as seen after the 1st vote, when I was honest with him.

Adam: When people tried to manipulate me.. Yeah, I let it happen a little bit, but once I saw what was goin' on, I put an end to it... And if I go back and watch, and see that Daniele did have my back the entire time, she had a weird way of showing it, so you can't blame me for bein' nervous about her. And hey, if you love Jeff and Jordan, then you have to love me.. because they showed me how to play this game with honor, integrity.. When I gave Jordan my word, I meant it. And that's why, whenever Dominic said, put up Jeff and Jordan, I was hesitant about that.. so I didn't throw that veto.. but Candyland? I stunk at that. I didn't ride a bike til I was 21...

This is ongoing.. If you would like to watch the rest of the Adam-o-logue, please go to Feed 3 at 8:27pm.

Adam, Rachel and Porsche are outside playing pool and talking about different bb sites and whether or not the live feeders like camera talkers... Their actual words right now are immaterial. What I'm noticing is the easy, open body language between the girls..

It's even more noticeable when you contrast it with how closed off their bodies become when they are talking one on one with Adam about anything game related...

Case in point:

It's not conscious, but notice how closed and distant...

10:55pm BBT
Feed 3
Rachel, Adam & Porsche

Rachel: I can't wait to make him a plate of eggs every morning. I can't wait to go just.. squeeze him.. unh.. Just touch him and kiss him and hug him and hold him and never let go.
Adam: Who're you talkin' about again?
Rachel: Brendon!
Porsche: Who?
Rachel: My fiance'.

Adam: You're engaged?
Rachel: ohmigah.. I'm gonna kill you guys...
Porsche: No. We love to hear about Brendon. (British accent) Every day and every night. Every day and every night.

: You know you do. (big happy sigh)
Adam: He's so dreamy...
Porsche: ooohhhh Brendon...

11:30pm BBT
Porsche & Rachel

Adam goes inside, and Porsche tells Rachel how she got cast - through the audition process - all she got from Janelle was the number to call, and she didn't use Janelle's name in the process...

To watch this on flashback, go to feed 3 or 4 at 11:30pm.

12:12am BBT
Feed 1
Adam & Porsche

While Rachel's blowing her hair, Porsche comes in and tells Adam that she set Rachel straight about Janelle's lack of involvement with her casting.. and that she told Rachel about her giving Kalia the 5k in Pandora's Box..

Adam is happy with any perceived chink in the Rachel - Porsche Final 2 Alliance armor...

Adam's outside alone on the couch... I'll be sitting here waiting for him to say something.. I'll let you know if he does... Otherwise..

1:51:33 Adam: Oh, Porsche...

1:52:57 Adam: ( mumbles something unintelligible)
1:53:40 Adam: (mumbles something unintelligible)

1:55:00 Adam: (toots..)

***ok.. that's my cue. I'm outta here.

And this concludes the Overnight Report... or the Morning Afternoon and Overnight Report.. as it were.