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Thread: OK... I watched about 10 minutes

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    Default OK... I watched about 10 minutes

    And it wasn't so bad when I realized the other 2 guys besides Chad were pretty cool. And one was really really really hot. And they both seemed to think Chad is a tool. Chad is really frightening, even aside from that dead animal on his head.

    He whined and said to Josh (I think the hot one's name is Josh), "You threatened my dooooooo-oooooooog!" and something about Josh saying he was going to throw his dog in the pool. Dude- I say that all the time. I even threaten to throw people's cats in the pool. Most people just laugh. The crazy cat lady gets pissed like Chad.

    Anyways, the point of this is to say I may actually watch more than 10 minutes as long as Chad isn't on for more than 10 minutes at a time. I watched him have a fight with Josh that was the most ridiculous thing ever. He kept telling Josh to chill and all this other BS when it was obvious he was trying to control the fight and he was the one that needs to chill.

    Chad really makes my skin crawl.

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    Default Million Dollar Listing

    I think the show is hilarious. These guys are so majorly serious, living and breathing real estate tooling around in big boy cars.

    Chad talks about himself as a brand and obviously has taken a cue from The Donald especially in the hair department! He even got his girlfriend Victoria (they call each other "Cakes" - instead of honey or darling - and the dog is Starla Cakes lol) to sign a legal document giving him shared custody of Starla in the event they ever split up. Victoria actually thought he was going to propose rofl! She was pissed when he handed her the papers. Starla is Victoria's dog but Chad loves that cutie chihuahua almost as much as he loves himself. He told Vicki that he would not be successful if Starla did not come to work with him to wow the clients. He is majorly into primping and posing and loves ordering celebration cakes for home sales complete with a custom frosting photo of himself. And he gets a special rush from eating himself ROFL!

    Josh is a major headcase. His doctor tells him he is working himself to death. He sufferes from chest pains headaches and eaven forgot his own party - which took place in his own house while he slept through it. He seems however to be really creative when working the real estate system and is uber successful. Josh loves his Grandma, who spent time in Auschwitz. His family seems like stuck up whackadoodles. They like to do lunch and clearly have botox for dessert.

    Madison is polyamorous meaning that he loves the one he's with. Only in the last few episodes he had an epiphany when a friend asked him to do a photo campaign for No H8 (no hate toward gays and lesbians). Interesting fact - Tabatha Coffey from Shear Genius/Tabatha's Salon Takeover - did this campaign as well. It shows her pix on her my space. She's been in a relationship for the past decade. I love Tabatha. Madison wasn't sure at first, afraid it would hurt his business, but has finally decided he is gay after all and was seen celebrating with a male friend in a swimming pool in the season finale. Glad he finally found some love. He seems to be the most genuine and nicest of the bunch.

    As for the Josh Chad fight, even Madison doesn;t get it. That has been brewing a long time with their competitiveness and territorialness. Both Josh and Madison have Malibu and other very expensive areas. Although Chad grew up in Malibu, he has a different clientele and Josh rubs it in. He did threaten to throw Starlacakes in the pool. Since Starla is the apple of Chad's nuts - he went nuts. Josh was definitely out of line. More appropriately he should have made fun of Chad's do instead of his dog. BTW Chad's haircut (it looked the same before and after) cost him $500.

    Can't wait til next season.

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