BY Kristine Francis
on January 20, 2016

Tonight on CBS Code Black airs with an all new Wednesday January 20, season 1 episode 13 called, First Date. and we have your weekly recap below! On tonights episode, Angus (Harry Ford) older brother, an all-star ER doctor, tries to secure a position at Angels Memorial and Angus may have his hands full dealing with his older brother Mike (Tommy Dewey) being around.

On the last episode, as the doctors treated patients from the chaotic multi-vehicle accident, a love triangle began to build between Mario, Angus and Heather. Also, when Malaya learned that Carla was at the hospital, she went against Carlas wishes and stayed by her side during the delivery of her baby. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonights episode as per the CBS synopsis, Angus older brother, an all-star ER doctor, tries to secure a position at Angels Memorial and neither Jesse Mama Sallander nor Dr. Leanne Daddy Rorish seem to like the guy. Meanwhile, Christas romantic feelings towards Neal begin to grow; and Malaya deals with a patient who is obsessed with her.

This is definitely one series that you dont want to miss. Dont forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging the season 1 episode 13 of Code Black.

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Anguss brother Mike has decided to come back to Los Angeles on tonights episode of Code Black and it seems he wants to work at Angeles Memorial.

However, Angus has only recently begun to grow more confident on the job and his brothers reappearance might just set that back. Angus had later told Malaya that he often feels insecure around his brother. For it was his brother that was always better at school and better with women. And so comparing himself to his brother has only made Angus feel/ act like he is somehow worth less.

Though Malaya tried to tell him to get it together but it was pretty hard for Angus. And what makes it worse is that Mike didnt have privileges at the hospital yet so he had to follow a doctor around for the next couple of days. So guess which doctor volunteered to show Mike the ropes? Thats right, Angus.

And elsewhere in the hospital, Rorish had ended up running into a roadblock of her own. She had a sixteen-year-old patient that needed surgery but she found her hands tied by the patients own father. Apparently the older man didnt believe in surgery. He believed his daughter could be healed through prayer.

So he convinced his daughter to stay away from the teenage friend that led her astray, you know by taking her to a concert where she got hurt, and he refused to allow his daughter to spend any alone time with Rorish. Just in case Rorish got it into young Tias head that she could legally make decisions for herself.

Which she could by the way seeing as she was sixteen and thereby allowed control over her own body.

But thankfully her religious conscientious father couldnt always be around. He had to leave eventually and two people that believed he was wrong took advantage of that. Mario and Heather had decided to talk to Tia again. And Heather pointed out that Tias father wears glasses.

The man supposedly doesnt believe in any medical intervention but he allowed a doctor to help see again. So Heather asked Tia why her chances of walking should be any different. Because without surgery, blood was going to collect in Tias leg and that could ultimately led to an infection that could spread to the heart.

And so Tia had to realize that her father didnt always have to be right. If Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John could all disagree then her father doesnt get to say there was one set rule according to the bible.

So Tia did agree to have surgery and that had resulted in her father threatening the hospital. But Perello had covered for her doctors by saying she had gotten injunction against the father. Which had been a lie although both Perello and Rorish had been more upset about Heather speaking with the patient against their orders than they did about an irate father.

They had told Heather and Mario to leave Tia alone. And not only did both ignore a direct command but Heather had also defended herself by saying she had done what was right. Therefore, Perello and Rorish began to like her just a little bit more.

But Perello did make mistake with another doctor. She had reprimanded Christa because Christa hadnt discharged a patient who looked perfectly fine on paper but who Christa believed might have had a more serious problem. So Perello made Christa discharge the young woman and then she told Hudson to watch himself.

She said that he shouldnt be putting himself out on the limb over a resident. Apparently she thought that he too would have discharged the patient if the doctor had been anyone besides Christa. And in the end the person that suffered the most from Perellos actions had been the patient that Christa had wanted to save. Because there had been something wrong and woman later died from a heart attack that could have been prevented.

So Hudson went to Christa afterwards and, in their grief, they finally had their moment.

As for Angus, his brother was forced to come to his rescue. Mike had detected something off with Anguss patient and he had stepped in and counselled Angus through fixing his own mistake. So having Mike around turned out to be good for Angus. For while he liked to put himself down, his brother was always right there ready to pick him back up.

And more importantly Mike believed in his brother. He saw what Angus couldnt see and that was how everyone liked and respected Angus for who he was. And not as Mikes little brother.

So the guys might have actually grown closer since working together. Although Rorish had seen everything they had done. Including the part where Mike covered for Angus. And she approved. Shes been trying to find a way to get the hospital in order because lately shes been thinking about leaving her job there.

And while that was a major shocker, it unfortunately didnt compare to the fact theres a man following Malaya around who seems to have become obsessed with her.