BY Stormy Elizabeth
on November 22, 2015

Tonight on AMC Talking Dead returns with an all new Sunday November 22, season 6 episode 7 and we have your weekly recap below. On tonights episode, guests talk aboutthe Heads Up episode of The Walking Dead and along with Gale Ann Hurd and Ken Jeong there will be two surprise guests. Does that mean there will be two deaths on tonight episode?

On the last episode of Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick sat down with actor Michael Rooker who is a former The Walking Dead cast member along with Paget Bewster, a Comedian and actor. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

Tonight on Talking Dead as per the AMC synopsis, Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick will sit down with executive producer Gale Ann Hurd, Ken Jeong from the critically acclaimed series Community and gangster Leslie Chow in The Hangover trilogy, as well as surprise guests.

Talking Dead airs tonight, at 11:00 PM ET on AMC after The Walking Dead. Before The Talking Dead recap, Celeb Dirty Laundry offers a live recap of tonights The Walking Dead!

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#TalkingDead begins with Chris Hardwick saying that Glenn is alive and the crowd cheers. He says theres a lot going on now that the wall crashed down. He says tonight the guests are Ken Jeong and Gale Ann Hurd. Later Steven Yeun will be live via satellite with Scott Gimple from Georgia where the show shoots.

Chris introduces Ken and Gale. He asks what Ken thought about Glenns storyline. He says it was great to resolve it and then move the story forward. He says a lot of shows save reveals at the end of an episode but this hooked him in. Chris says he talks about Dead in his stand up shows. He says everyone kept asking him if Glenn was alive.

He says he asked if Glenn was not dead since they grieved and they all said they want him alive. Gale says its insane to keep it secret. She says everyone on the show signs NDAs then says they cant even talk to their husbands and wives about the show. Ken says theres no way he could keep a secret and couldnt handle it.

Chris says its hard not to talk to people. Ken says he would blab to his wife. Chris asks Ken how it was to wait to see if Glenn was alive. Ken says the next episode went to Morgan then Daryl so time stood still in a way. He says it didnt feel like he was waiting too long. Gale says it was bad and says she was offered good bribes to tell.

Chris says some people binge watch and you cant talk about it as it airs. He says he really thought Glenn was dead then asks Ken why Glenn is so important. Ken says Glenn is the incorruptible badass. He says Rick was a cop and Daryl was a badass but Glenn was a boy who became a man. Chris reads fan announcements one thanked Jesus for Glenn being alive.

Chris reads off OMG best dumpster dive ever. Chris says people were tweeting pics of Oscar the Grouch telling Glenn to climb in. Now its the In Memoriam. Theres the roadside walker, the hungry hungry walkers at the wall that Tara shot, Walker David. Thats it a short one and no humans dead this time. Then theres an UnMemoriam of Glenn escaping the walkers while a choir sings Hallelujah.

Live from Atlanta, theres Steven Yeun and Scott M Gimple next. Theyre still shooting the season and Chris tells Steven great job in the episode then asks if hes been in hiding since episode 3 aired. He says he hasnt been out much and holed up in his hospital. Chris says he texted Steven if hes dead he did such a good job.

Steven says hes relieved and grateful and amazed at the response. He says he hates he couldnt tell anyone and says he may have lost some friends over this. Steven says Glenn surviving proves this world can still take a story of the good guy winning sometimes. He says he likes its not always something miserable happening. He says good guys survive sometimes.

Scott says the story they were telling was one of uncertainty. He says when people leave the walls, there are no cell phones and you dont know if you will see them again. He says they wanted the audience to share the uncertainty that the characters had. He says Maggie didnt know and wanted the audience to feel that too.

Chris says everyone is so excited hes alive but are angry they mourned him. Steven says being under the dumpster was interesting since hes claustrophobic. He says one shot was by accident and says Rob was behind the dumpster and they hid a camera and he kept going since they didnt say cut so they got that shot where his face was right in the camera.

Steven says that was the only good thing. Scott says it was hot that day and humid and he was packed in by walkers under a dumpster. Steven says they had BBQ pork over the guys and they were eating it then it rained and they didnt clean it up and they told him to get back under the dumpster and says there were flies and pork and it was terrible.

Scott says Steven was under there for a few hours all total. Steven says about seven. Chris then says nice job to the actor that played Nicholas. Scott says Maggie saw the signal which made them happy then the wall came down. Chris reads them some tweets about Glenn being alive. One said Glenn is using his dad voice on Enid and then a fan question about that.

Steven says thats kind of the draw that the idea of fatherhood has changed him in the way he processes maintaining his humanity. He wants to pass on to his son and daughter that he did everything to be the person he should be. He says going back for Enid is part of that. Chris asks if the pregnancy was planned. Steven says Glenn accepted what Alexandria could be for them.

Ken says he would have left her after a quick thank you for the bottle of water. He says he would tell her shes weird and take off. Chris asks about Enid being a wolf. Gale says if you read the comics you know there are female wolves. Scott says Ken is joining the show as Glenns brother Larry. Ken laughs. Ken says his favorite Glenn moment is at Herschels house.

He says Glenn is like Loris pregnant and there are zombies in the barn. Chris says his favorite Glenn moment was in the library when Abraham says hes going to go get some ass and Glenn was like I didnt need to know that. A Facebook fan asks about Glenn saying its not for Maggie anymore. Glenn says its for himself too.

Scott says theres been a lot of reaction to Glenns possible death. He says its great to provide a collective experience. He says as a kid, you could talk to a stranger about TV and this show provokes a lot of conversation and it makes the world a little bit smaller. He says it gives community. Ken laughs at the reference to his old TV show Community.

Steven says they were at a critical mass of memes and you know youve affected a lot of people at once and you dont see that often these days. Chris says this is the most talked about thing ever. He says old ladies ask him in grocery stores if Glenn is dead. Gale says its fantastic that Glenn is still the guy from episode one and has maintained a purity no one else has.

She says Glenn has an innocence that gives them hope and how he found love among the ashes. Chris thanks Scott and Steven for being there and says hes so glad Glenn is still alive. Now the live poll.

Live Quiz Questions answers at the end of this post

Question 1 Glenn tells Enid you honor the dead by fighting, remembering or living?
Question 2 What acronym does Denise use to help diagnose infection PHaWPRS, FWoPPRS, FHWaPRS?
Question 3 Who was Enid staying with in Alexandria Denise, Olivia or Mrs Neudermeyer?

Now some behind the scenes info. This is called Heads Up. Only one days has passed since the first day of the season. Christian Serratos (Rosita) and Josh McDermitt (Eugene) play pattycake between takes to ease the tension between their characters. They say they have a brother-sister relationship. Glenn scavenged the balloons from the all-safe meeting point.

Lauren Cohan (Maggie) says she thinks fans will be sending Steven Yeun green balloons for the rest of his life. Josh says the machete training scene shows that Eugene does not want to be there and does not feel safe but doesnt want a machete in his hand then Rosita comes after him and says theres animosity between them thats interesting.

He says Rosita doesnt want Eugene on the front lines and sees that as them scraping the bottom of the barrel. Back to the couch, Chris says its poll time. POLL: Was Rosita being too hard on Eugene? Yes or No. Ken says they are scraping the bottom of the barrel so he needs to man up his mullet. Gale says Rosita knows Eugene so she can pick on him instead of an Alexandrian.

Gale says it shows shell go after an OG. 94% of fans say Rosita was no too hard on him. Chris mentions that Ken is a real doctor then asks if Denise is cut out for this. He says no. Then a fan asks Ken the biggest medical problem in the zombie apocalypse and he says infection is really the whole problem. He says you dont need to be a doctor to figure that out.

He says bleeding, anything, hang nail. Gale says Rick has been through so much when he exiled Carol and she came back and saved them so its hard and he might exile Morgan if thinks hes jeopardizing their safety. Chris says Michonne said what he was thinking that its more complicated than all life is precious.

We see behind the scenes of Spencer doing his line dangle over the walkers. Denise Huth says they had a stunt double for the drop but used the actor as much as possible. Monty says the stunts are not for the sake of stunts but are for the story. Austin Nichols (Spencer) says not many people can say they dangled 20 feet over walkers.

Chris reads a tweet about Spencer Pinata. Then another comments on him losing his shoe when there are no shoe stores. A fan from the audience comes up and asks about Rick saving Spencer instead of trying to take care of the herd. Gale says maybe Rick is learning to curb his itchy trigger finger and says he did the smart and humane thing and it shows hope that hes grown as a leader.

Then Chris gives the audience member a grappling hook and Spencers show. Then he hands her some green balloons. He ties them on her wrist. Chris then brings up Ron and Carl and asks Ken if he read the comics. Ken says no. Ken says he thinks Ron is going to shoot Carl when he started following him. Gale says Ron has real bullets.

Ken says its a revenge vibe and thats why he learned to shoot. He says Carl kept giving Ron shooting tips and Ron just looked at him. Chris says maybe theyll find out in the mid-season finale show next week. The next poll is what was your reaction to Glenn being alive: tears of joy, happy dance or peed a little. 79% said happy dance.

Now a look at next weeks episode. The tower comes down, takes out the wall and then theres a huge cloud of dust. It clears and then walkers start shambling in and you hear the growls. They come in by the dozens. Rick is on the ground and looks in horror as he scrambles to his feet. Chris jokes theyll probably be fine. Ken says people will die and its going to be dark yet satisfying.

Gale says this will kick ass and take names too. Chris says they get their footing and then something happens. Thats it next week is Robert Kirkman plus a surprise guest that may not mean they are dead.

Live Quiz Answers

Answer 1 Living Glenn is the only one of the Atlanta Five who hasnt ever killed a human.
Answer 2 FWoPPRS Fever, warmth, pus, pain, redness and swelling.
Answer 3 Olivia she was one of the first who met Ricks gang and collected their weapons.