BY Stormy Elizabeth
on June 30, 2015

Tonight on NBC the all new show The Island hosted by Bear Grylls airs with an all new Monday June 29, season 1 episode 5 called, Anything Can Happen and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonights episode, the men discover the importance of shelter and community, yet two participants intend to stay separated from the main camp and do nothing.

On the last episode, the men with families began to rethink their decisions for leaving their loved ones behind. Meanwhile, some of the participants banded together to try to find food before those contemplating leaving the Island threw in the towel. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonights episode per the NBC synopsis the majority of the men begin to discover the difference between surviving and thriving shelters and a community. However, there is a clear divide as two of the participants remain content to stay separated from the main camp and do nothing.

Tonights season 1 episode 5 is going to be exciting. Well be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us how excited you are for season 1 of The Island.



#TheIsland begins on day 14. Trey is feeling horrible after ingesting crab shells. He says its the worst pain of his life. He compares it to childbirth and says women deserve all the credit. He says hes glad he didnt leave. Trey tells the others he and Graham talked about leaving and says he came for his boyfriend and to learn things about himself to make him better for him.

Matt says Trey showed great strength and trust by coming out to all of them. He says back home its no big deal but its something to say it on the island. Dakota says Treys coming out was different to him. He says he doesnt know a lot of gay people in Idaho and says hes really changed his opinion on gays. Trey says they need to figure out how to get rid of ants.

Graham says ants dont like crossing ash and he spreads it around. Rob is sweeping up camp. Rick says it feels more like a community now but says there are tensions with Jim and Dakota who want to stay on the beach and are just surviving. He says the others are trying to make it a home while theyre there. He says now theyre past survival, its about thriving. Benji is adding a second story to their forest home. He says he wants to make it really comfortable.

Jim says he and Dakota are at rock camp and the others are all over their building the Taj Mahal. He says no one cares theyre running out of water and says it takes five hours to make a batch and theyre all drinking up like theres no tomorrow. Bear says the real enemy in survival is disunity and says people can get angry. Jim then complains about people drinking three or four glasses of water a time and says he wont call them out. Rick says to name them but Jim refuses.

Jud says theres a division of camps and doesnt want to be involved in problems. Jim says they all shared and now theyre all just guzzling water. Rick says this is not a communist society and Jim says the other group are self-indulgent, spoiled jerks. Rick says the others are doing a lot of work then Dakota asks if they think he and Jim are lazy by not building shelters. Dakota thinks shelter building is pointless and just wants to make it to the end.

On night 15, Rob complains he has no bed so hes not sleeping well. He is suffering from sleep deprivation and says hes seeing things. He says it makes him edgy then says he misses his family and says its painful to be away from them and that may be why hes on edge and he just wants to be home with them but says he thinks they would want him to get the most out of this. He says hes trying to do that. Matt tells Rob to go to bed. He tells him again then says he needs to stop wandering around.

Rob says hes cold. Matt says theres a lot of noise in the jungle then Rob walking around makes it worse. Matt promises him theyll build him a bed tomorrow. Bear says sleep is essential to survival and says a lack of sleep can seriously impair your judgment and thats when accidents happen. On Day 16, Graham and Rick talk about everyone living in the camp and Jim staying in his hermit hut. He says this is a clever game to him.

Matt says Jim is getting quieter and he tries to talk to him. Jim goes on about people being selfish in camp. Matt asks selfish how and Jim goes on again about the water. Jim talks about the stress of being a cop and says it takes you to dark places. He says its 95% boredom and 5% sheer terror. He says the darkness still gets to him and then says life can be mean and he knows that. Matt says to tell him if he thinks hes being selfish. Jim says if he doesnt know, theres a problem.

Theres water on the fire and Jim says hes not coming back to the camp for a while and has seen what he wants to see. He pulls the jerry can off the fire and Jud asks to see the steam. Jim opens it standing right in front of it and gets a face full of steam. Benji curses and asks if Jim is all right. He says no and Dakota comes over and Benji tells him what happened. They call Buck over to look at him. Dakota goes to find Buck. Dakota tells Buck who goes over to check on him.

Buck shows up to check him out and asks where he was hit. Bear says if you get injured, youre no good to anyone so not getting hurt is rule one. Hes got a mild #FaceBurn. Buck says its first degree and says its no worse than a sunburn. He gives him some pain medication and says to stay out of the sun. Jim says the pain is excruciating, but says hes pretty tough. He says at least he made enough water for everyone for the day.

Rob is keeping track of days and says its day 17. Buck is concerned with Robs lack of sleep and says hes manic. Rick asks Rob if hes exercising and if he can nap. Rob says he doesnt nap here or at home. Buck says insomnia can be serious. Rob rants a little but and Buck says they need to work on his sleep hygiene and says Rob is going cuckoo. Trey and Matt head to the other side of the island to look for some carbs. Trey says he has a lot of energy today.

Theyre looking for yucca, a root vegetable. Bear says if you expend too many calories looking for it, its not a good idea. They find some but its uprooted. Matt says they found them but the animals have already gotten to them. It gets a lot hotter and Trey says hes dizzy and light headed. He says its worse than before. They head towards a cave to get some shelter from the sun. Matt has him lie down inside and Trey says hes nauseous.

Matt tries to make him comfortable then goes outside and says hes trying to cool him off to get his core temperature down but isnt sure hes doing the right thing. He goes to wet his hat to put on Treys head. Bear says malnutrition with thermal exhaustion can be dangerous. He says its a deadly combination. Trey says hes better and can feel hes cooling down. Trey says they can try to head back slowly. Matt helps him to stand slowly.

Hes up and says hes not great in extreme temperatures. He says they walked a long way and it weighs on you. He says Matt is a solid rock for him. Matt gets him some food and Trey says without Matt he doesnt know how long it would have taken him to recover. He says he doesnt like asking for or accepting help. Trey says it humbled him and its something hell take back to relationships back at home. They get back to the camp with the disappointing yucca news.

Benji works with Rob to build him a bed. Benji says hes been roaming and they need to get him a bed so maybe he can get some rest. Rob says hes had insomnia and has been sleeping on the sand and scared of crabs. He says Benji has invited him to his Swiss Family Robinson House. Rob is excited that Benji is making him a bed. Benji says he wont wake up on the floor now and has made him a little hammock of woven palm fronds. Rob tells Benji hes so thankful for #RobsBed.

He says he owes Benji big and says hell return the favor in kind. Rob says hes alive and hoots. Jim wakes up Dakota early in the morning. Dakota says he gets along with Jim who reminds him of his grandpa. He sleeps by the fire and says he sleeps better than a lot of the guys that built big shelters. He says he thinks theyre doing this stuff to look cool and like big shots on TV. Dakota says hes just out there to survive. Rob tells Benji theyre at base camp and Jim and Dakota are back at beach camp.

Rob says theyre isolating Jim. Benji asks if Jim is isolating himself from them. Jim says he stays at Rock Camp and loves living on the beach. He says he doesnt want to live in the woods. He says the camera men have aggravated him and he doesnt want to deal with them. Rob says Dakota is less accessible too because hes spending all his time with Jim. They agree that Jim seems unhappy. Bear says the men have the basics of survival but also need to come together truly.

He says it cant be us versus them and survive. Matt goes to talk to Jim who says he doesnt want to talk on camera. Matt comes to sit and asks why and he says he doesnt want to wear one. Matt says hes not being a straight shooter and says he asked if he was okay and he told him yes but theres clearly something on his mind. Jim says Matt questioning him was like him knocking a four year old around and says hes a snot nose and he wont let him push him around.

Matt says he just wants to figure out why hes not happy. Jim says thats his opinion and Dakota says hes wrong. Matt thinks Jim is going through the usual stuff they all are and says Jim is hurting but doesnt want to show any weakness. He says hes a tough cookie. Jim tells him not a psychoanalyst. Jim insists hes fine and couldnt be happier. Matt says if they want to stew and do their thing, its fine. Jim says if they want to play games, he can play too.

Its day 20 and Rob says he got the best sleep and slept five or six hours almost uninterrupted. He says he may go looking for plants today after the group meeting. Trey tells them hes still very nauseous. He says he just wants to hang out in his BFs basement and play Wii. He says he didnt know how much he would miss him. He says he was nervous about being the only gay guy. They ask if hes still nervous and he says hes not. Trey says his friends told him to go and that he would make friends.

Trey says he feels very much a part of the group. Benji is working on Fort Bangarang and says he wants a pully window. Hes made a window that opens with a pully. Trey is feeling worse all over and says he can barely stand, cant walk and is very dizzy. Buck checks his blood pressure and says the bowel thing may still be an issue. He says he doesnt look so good and Trey says hes starting to get scared. Buck sends him to lie down and Trey is worried about long-term damage to his body.

Buck asks about his pain and if hes crampy. Buck says its tough to know whats going on out there. Dakota says they need Trey and Bear says survival of the fittest can mean that your fate is out of your hands. They help Trey who says he can barely breathe. He says this is scary and says he doesnt like this feeling. They lie him down on the sand and Buck works with him on his breathing. He says its painful in his belly. Trey asks what Buck thinks.

Buck says its severe and hes concerned and thinks Trey needs a diagnosis. He says he should leave and get treated. Buck says he could need surgery and if he doesnt get treated, he could lose his colon and end up with a colostomy bag. The boat comes to check on Trey and Buck fills them in on whats been going on. The medical guy says he thinks Buck is right and he needs to leave the island. The guys all give him light hugs so they dont hurt him.

Rob and the others tell him theyre sorry to see him leave. Trey says this experience has been a great gift to his life and says he wants to apply the lessons hes learned to his life back home. They all see him off at the shore. Trey says he wants to give love freely and not block love out. #GoodbyeTrey. The other guys are bummed and Bear says this is not good for morale to lose another person. Later, the guys cook a mess of crabs. Jim and Dakota sit at the table.

Benji says Jim only comes around for food and has Dakota like his little boy following them around. He says they ate a bunch of their crab then left without saying thank you or helping clean up. Benji says they get help from Dakota every once in a while. Rob says he thinks Jim is scared about his face but the others say it started before he got burned. Rob says he doesnt think Jim intends to be like this. Matt says their negative energy is going to build and its going to be the Lord of the Flies.