BY Stormy Elizabeth
on June 8, 2015

Tonight on NBC the all new show The Island hosted by Bear Grylls airs with an all new Monday June 8, season 1 episode 3 called, Easier Said Than Done and we have your weekly recap below. On tonights episode, the 12 remaining men desperately seek food.

On the last episode, day three on the Island proved to be difficult as the men have yet to find fresh drinking water. As they expended energy in the tireless search to find hydration, the realization that their days may be numbered hits the men hard. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonights episode per the NBC synopsis the 12 remaining men desperately seek food, and tension mounts as some men question their desire to stay on the island.

Tonights season 1 episode 3 is going to be exciting. Well be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us how excited you are for season 1 of The Island.

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#TheIsland starts with Graham and Benji stranded in the water after dark. They debate ditching the camera to try and get back safely. They leave the camera and move off. Back at the beach, the men wonder where those two got to. Its an hour past sunset and its been 10 hours. Theyre all worried. Benji says hes banged up and Bear says humans have poor night vision so its crucial to stay together.

They finally make it back to the beach and tell the others they have no idea what theyve been through. They have some fresh water but tell them they couldnt bring it all back. They just have to figure out how to get the water back. Next morning, on day five, the guys are still sleeping but start to wake. Rick says yesterday was crazy and they need to try and figure out how to exist as a group.

Rick says they need to have a goal every day. They talk about priorities and Davion says they need food now that they have water and says the hunger pangs will get worse. Dakota says maybe a team should go forage. Trey says they need to focus on food and they get up to go get things done. Bear says the Pacific Ocean is home to lots of food. He says limpets are great because theyre calorie rich.

Davion spots some. Bear says theyll keep them alive but just barely. They cook up the limpets. Rob says this is new and jokes about bringing in a rabbi to bless it. He jokes that hes not a good Jew and eats the shellfish. He says its pretty good. They all try it and they agree its like a #ChewyMushroom. Jud says the limpets arent good at all and it tastes like a booger with sand on it.

They knock down more coconuts to help out and Benji says there are 200 calories in a coconut and that will help. Rob says he wants to figure out what his strengths are to help the team. Davion says he looks after everyone and thats a help. Rob says theres a part of him ready to leave. Benji says they cant afford to lose anyone else. Rob says hes very removed from his environment.

Bear says the battle to survive is in your head and heart and if you dont have those, you wont make it. The guys are making a base camp and are working on shelter. Bear says food, fire, water and shelter helps. Bear says 10% more effort gives you 100% more comfort. Davion is hoping for a better nights sleep. Dakota, Davion, Graham and Earnest are limpet searching. They scrounge for seafood.

Then Davion falls and they call for the medical pack. Davion fell on his back and Buck checks him out. Buck calls for an evac for Davion. He says he thinks they need a stretcher and IV narcotics. Graham says the boat is coming for him. The medics come over and Davion says he landed on his coccyx and heard a snap. Dakota tells Jud theyre taking him away.

Earnest says he cant move and theyre calling a helicopter. Davion is in terrible pain as they try to move him. Rick says the island is eating people and its making him deeply sad to lose Davion. He says theyre losing a person every three days. He says the risk to collect the limpets is too great and they need to assess risk better. Bear says when youre tired and hungry its important to think carefully.

Trey says it stinks to lose another friend and says its hard to see Davion go against his well. They take Davion to the chopper. They all see him off. They say #ByeDavion. Trey says they lost three in barely a week. Rick says he doesnt like losing another one and hopes no one else leaves. Bear says thats one less man to hunt food and water. Its day six and the guys meet and talk about priorities.

Trey says they need to get wood and cook up water and they talk about food. Matt says the ocean is plentiful and they need to find protein. Jud says they found a huge net and maybe a group can pull out the net. He says things wash up. Jud says trash is treasure to them. They go dig out the fishing net and untangle it. Benji says they fixed the holes and need to figure out how to catch something.

Dakota says all hes missing is food right now and they tease him about missing his GF. Dakota says he wants to make her proud and hopefully he can somehow. He says he went to college twice and dropped out both times. He says he was down on himself and felt like a failure. They agree the net looks good and are ready to go fishing. Benji coaches them on how to use the net.

Matt says they have to work for everything out there. They set up a fishing trap and hope tomorrow theyll have some fish. Next day, they go check the net. Benji says his shorts wont stay up anymore. They have nothing in the net and are very disappointed. They say it looks like something got caught in it and bit some holes in it. Benji says they have to get better or will be sh*t out of luck for food.

Trey says they havent had anything since day one when they had the snake and Dakota talks about cheeseburgers, fried and brownies. Jud says he wants a burrito. Benji wants cookie, pickles, ice cream. Matt says he wants a pasta dish and bread. Earnest says he wants pizza, soup, breakfast, sandwiches. Dakota says Earnest talks about food all the time. Then he says Oreo cheesecake.

Earnest says Dakota is his brother from another mother. Earnest is making a spear to try and get a bird. Dakota and Matt have spears to try and get some fish. They creep around and try to spear things. Dakota says if they can find a good spot, they can find food. Buck says they saw some stingrays and call for them to bring the spears.

They try and nab a stingray but its a bust. Jud says now that they have water they notice how hungry they are too. He says you can only worry about the worst thing. He says then whatevers next in line crops up and its just as bad. Jim says people are struggling and the emotional side will start occurring. Bear says their metabolism will fall, then their energy levels then fatigue will crop up.

Rob isnt feeling good and says hes been considering calling it quits. He says he doesnt see this as quitting. He says he has the will to continue but doesnt know if its a smart move. Jim says he and Earnest have bonded a lot over their military past. Dakota says food is his only issue. Jim says hes had young cops walk off the jobs after a few weeks and tell him the job wasnt what they thought it was.

Jim says he thinks Rob is going to leave next. He says he feels lost without his kids since hes a stay at home parent. Rick says they have a ton of water around the corner left from Benji and Grahams water suicide mission. They move carefully over the rocks to get the water and camera they left. Rob says he wants to give back to the group. They spot the water they left. They head back with it.

They move into the water and navigate across the rocks. Bear says skirting the shoreline can be hard because of slippery rocks and drops. They make it back out. Rob says hes getting emotional and they ask if his kids will like to see this and says hes making his family proud. Rob says he thinks he has the ability to provide and says his morale is better and hes seeing the bigger picture.

Rob pees in a bottle and they joke that it looks like a Budweiser. Rob says that tell him hes not close to dehydration. Bear says real survivors are lifted up from their triumphs and press on. Rob says hes going to try hard to make it to the end and not succumb to negative emotions. Benji says Rob had done a 180 and has the right mindset now and is enjoying it. Dakota and Jud joke about whos the best looking.

They see birds and know that means theres fish. Matt says hes worked on Deadliest Catch on some other wild shows and has done shark shows but always had water, food and warmth. He says hes never lived in a survival situation and says you have to rely on your skills and says this will put him to the test. They head out with the net and catch a turtle they cant eat because its a protected species.

They try and get it loose of the net. Benji and Matt walk the turtle out from shore a ways but it seems to not be doing well. They bring it back to the beach. They feel bad about it and Benji says he hopes they didnt hurt it. Its not moving and looks kind of lifeless. Benji says hes going to give it CPR. He tries to blow into its mouth. The turtle perks up a little and gasps for air.

It finally starts going for the water and swims away. The guys high five for saving the turtle as they watch it swim away. Matt says to be able to bring a turtle back to life was the closest hes been to an amazing natural experience. Another guy says he wishes they could have eaten it. On day nine. They go check the nets and they are thrilled to have one little fish. Rick says the island gave them a fish.

They agree that world there is simple although its brutal. Rick says he wants to stay on the island from now on. Rick says he cant wait to see what happens on the journey. Bear says one week in, they have lost three men and wonders who among them has the determination to make it to the end.