BY Stormy Elizabeth
on May 2, 2015

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday May 1, season 5 episode 23 called, Moo Olelo Pu (Sharing Traditions) and we have your weekly recap below. On tonights episode, Kono [Grace Park] fights for her life when she encounters rough weather while on a solo catamaran trip around the Hawaiian islands. The journey is something her mother always wanted to do but was never able to experience.

On the last episode, when a woman was found murdered in the hotel suite occupied by three married men, Five-0 had to help the friends get over their massive hangover and retrace their steps from a wild night to find the killer. Also, Jerry witnessed a womans kidnapping on the streets of Oahu, Jaleel White, Pauley Shore and Kevin Farley guest star as the three married men. Real life Honolulu Police Chief Kealoha guest stars as himself. Did you watch last episode? If you missed it we have you covered, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonights episode as per the CBS synopsis, when Kono goes on a solo outrigger trip around the Hawaiian islands in honor of her mother, she hits a patch of wild weather and must fight to stay alive. As Five-0 searches for Kono, they investigate a man busted for cooking meth who claims he received a threat on his sons life if he didnt continue making the drug.

This is definitely one series that you dont want to miss. Dont forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Hawaii Five-0 new season. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonights episode below!

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#H50 starts with a storm off the coast. We see Kono is in the water struggling. Her surfboard is nearby and she swims to it. She grabs it and hangs on but then another wave crashes into her as she yells oh God, no. 36 hours earlier, Kono and Chin pack up her catamaran. They talk about what an adventurous kid he was. She says shell be fine now and he calls her stubborn. Steve sneaks up on her the rest of the gang is there too. Steve hugs her and asks where her fiancee is. She says Adam wants to see her when she comes home.

Max checks out her gear as she hugs the others. She tells them shell be fine but Lou is worried about the weather. She says shell be going the other way. Jerry offers to house them at his storm shelter. Max says the craft seems quite sound and says she should have no trouble circumnavigating the island. Kono says their ancestors did this. Kamekona gives her a shirt with his food truck logo on it and she watches as one last car pulls up. She walks over and sees its her parents.

She says she didnt think they were coming. Chin explains to the others that Konos mom had an aneurysm a few years back. She seems a bit absent and is in a wheelchair. Kono takes her moms hand and says shes doing it. She cant speak but her dad says that shes proud of Kono. Kamekona blows a conch shell as she takes off, flag unfurled and waves goodbye as she sets off to circle the island. Her mom raises her hand in a silent wish of luck.

Later, the guys are at a crime scene at a pharmacy Brian, the head pharmacist was murdered. Hes the fourth drug store owner in three days to be attacked. It was three masked gunman and they werent there for money, but drugs. They check out the shelves. Steve sees its the ingredients for meth. Lou says this is a big operation based on what they stole. Steve says they have to find them before they can cook all this product and get it on the market.

Kono sails happily on her catamaran. She heads out to deeper waters. Then she sees the sky turn dark and the winds pick up. The rain starts and her sail is whipped around. She presses on and tries to retain control of her craft. She ties down the sail but the wind and waves pick up. The small craft is overwhelmed by the storm on the sea and shes struggling. Chin looks out over the ocean when Steve and Lou come up to him.

He says hes worried that the storm changed course and Steve says Kono will be fine but then he looks at the storm with worry as well. The sail snaps off her craft and Kono is forced to dive off to avoid being struck. She hangs onto pieces of the broken catamaran and unhooks her surfboard. She dives down for a backpack. At the office, Chin checks the weather and says he ran a simulation and says she may have beat the storm but he cant be sure. He says he called her sat phone but she didnt pick up.

Lou calls in and says they have the pharmacy footage. They see the three robbers. Lou says one is the cook since he seems to know exactly what hes looking for. Chin recognizes the ink on one guys arm and says its Makai Akana and he locked him up years ago but they check and it looks like Makai made parole last week. Kono checks her sat phone. The batteries are soaked. She shoves her phone down into a bag of rice to try and dry it out. Its just her, the bag of rice, backpack and surfboard. She decides which direction to go and paddles.

Chin and Steve go to bust Makai and find his teenage son Carter there instead. Hes upset and Chin asks if hes still in school. The kid says he doesnt know what his dad is up to. He says he dropped by a few days ago then split again. Steve asks if Makai has a cell and Chin asks Carter to call them if his dad drops by. He agrees. Chin says Carter grew up without a mother and his dad was a loser. He says after his dad was sent away, he went into the foster system and his life changed.

Kono stops paddling and takes a water break. She only has one bottle and takes a small sip. She sees a bird and thinks back to her mom teaching her to surf. She fell off her board and her mom helped her back on. She showed her a bird and says that bird always heads for land. Now, Kono follows the bird smiling. She says see this mom, Im flying. Out in the marsh, Chin and Steve are hunting their meth cooker Makai. They swap gunfire with the gang.

Steve flanks them and takes out several of their guys. Makai is busy making product. They sneak up closer to the lab. They head inside and get the drop on their guy. They tap his shoulder and pull the gun on him. They tell him to get on his knees. Makai says he cant stop. He says if he doesnt finish, his son is dead. Kono pulls out a piece of fruit and thinks about how her mom showed her how to fish with an orange as bait. They grab a fish out of the water with this method.

Kono cuts her fruit open and strings it on a line. She floats it in the water. Makai tells Steve that he doesnt know who the other two robbers are and says he was their prisoner. He says he got out of prison and they jumped him and threatened to kill Carter. Chin says they have a dead pharmacist and they need answers. Makai says he cant tell them about the boss but then caves and Chin promises to protect Carter. He says its Willie Moon.

Lou says the kid is 24 who dropped out at 16 and has no criminal record to speak of and no connection to Makai. They wonder why he chose Makai. Lou says this could be the birth of a major player. Steve says they need to crack this kid now. Willie heads out to the cook site and the cops wait for him there. They surround he and his gang and take them down. Chin comes back to talk to Makai and says Willie didnt put him back in the kitchen. Turns out his son Carter was the mastermind.

They go arrest Carter and Steve says no matter what Makai did, he was still his father. Makai is crushed to hear his son did this to him. Chin says Carter says Makai owed him for leaving him with nothing when he went to jail. The other robbers were Carters friends. Chin says Carter called it his inheritance and says as far as hes concerned, his dad is dead to him. Makai asks what happens now and Chin says Carter is going to jail and Makai is still out on parole.

Makai says Carter was his only reason to keep going. Chin encourages him to set an example of redemption for his son. Kono is asleep on her surfboard when she hears a noise. Its a chopper. She waves and calls out to the heli. It flies on and she calls out for it to come back.

Kono thinks about surfing as a child and her mom watching from shore. She stands on her board proudly. They hear a conch shell blown and her mom says it marks the beginning of a journey. Her mom points out a native canoe (like the catamaran she was on) and her mother says its part of their legacy. Now, she sits in the hot sun on her board and then sees a fish nibbling at her orange. She grabs it and kills it then cuts it open and says a prayer before eating it.

Chin sits at his computer worried. Steve comes in and he asks why hes still there. Chin says hes still looking at the satellite reports and says there may be more bad weather. Kono sees more bad weather moving in and tries her phone. She calls Chin and they have a bad connection. She tells him she needs help. The rain begins to beat down and a wave knocks the phone from her hand and her off her board. The call ends. He calls Steve and says he heard from Kono and something is wrong.

Steve calls the Coast Guard. Kono comes up out of the water and sees the board. She swims for it and grabs hold. Then another wave hits her but she is able to grab the board. She says if you dont like the weather in Hawaii, wait 10 minutes. We see a flashback to her mom carving a catamaran. A teenage Kono asks if shes sure about this. Her mom says she will be safe when she goes and says good and bad weather come both.

She tells Kono she will be all right and says shes always wanted to take this journey. She tells Kono its her destiny and shes ready even though Kono is worried about her mom. Then we see Kono as a uniformed officer at the hospital. She meets her dad there who says her mom had an aneurism. She asks if shes going to be all right. She goes into the room and sees her mom in bed. Theres a bandage on her head and shes out of it. Kono takes her hand carefully.

Now, she paddles for her life then hangs onto her board. The storm rages on. Chin and the guys are at the Coast Guard station. Chin says Konos outrigger doesnt stand a chance. They launch four boats to try and find her but the leader says they cant send out air support until the front passes. Steve offers to fly one and says he has experience flying in conditions worse than this. The man says he cant let Steve fly one of their birds.

Steve calls the Navy to ask for support to help find Kono. The weather starts to move and the helos are allowed to launch but its getting dark. They head out. Danny spots wreckage of the boat but says no paddle board. Chin says that means shes still okay. Kono shivers and hangs onto her board. She calls out where are you Hawaii? She thinks about her mother planning her trip to go around the island and coming out to talk to her mom.

Her mother tells her shes learning from the sky. She says when she sets sail one day, everything she needs to know will be up there. Now, Kono rolls over and looks up at the sky. She looks at the stars and tries to get an idea of how to navigate. She rolls back over and starts to paddle again. She says right on track, mom. The helo is told they have to head back to refuel. Chin is worried. Next day, Kono is still paddling weakly on her board.

She sees someone else paddling and tries to call for help then sees its her mom. Her mom waves to her and says this way Kono. She paddles and tries to follow her mom whos paddling away. She calls out to her and says shes right behind her. She loses sight of her mother and screams and slaps at the water. She keeps paddling. She can see the island ahead of her. She makes it onto dry ground and staggers to the beach then inland. Shes on a road and looks half dead when a car stops for her.

Chin gets a call that shes been found and tells Steve. Kono is in the hospital. We see her as a young girl on the beach and her mom telling her she did good at surfing but Kono says she fell. Her mom says the only thing that matters is that she gets back up.