BY Stormy Elizabeth
on April 26, 2015

Tonight on Showtime the twisted and darkly funny Nurse Jackie is back with an all new Sunday April 26, season 7 episode 3 called Godfathering, and we have your weekly recap below. On tonights episode, Jackie [Edie Falco] returns to All Saints but shes back to square one under the Diversion Program. She cant touch patients or medication and must undergo daily urine screens. But in her new role she uncovers two big secrets.

On last weeks episode, Jackie set her sights on returning to All Saints, with help from her lawyer, but she couldnt afford his retainer. Strapped for cash, she got inventive and turned to old habits for a solution. Meanwhile, Zoey struggled with the news that Jackie might be coming back to the ER. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonights episode as per the Showtime synopsis Jackie returns to All Saints but shes back to square one under the Diversion Program. She cant touch patients or medication and must undergo daily urine screens. But in her new role she uncovers two big secrets. Meanwhile, Zoey learns the outcome of her Masters program application; and Carrie withholds news from Coop.

Tonights season 7 episode 3 looks like it is going to be great and you wont want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of Showtimes Nurse Jackie tonight. While you wait for our recap hit the comments and enjoy the sneak peek of tonights season finale below.

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#NurseJackie begins with Jackie waking in bed with Eddie watching her up close. She asks what hes doing and says she loves him but says not to watch her sleep. Hes happy she said she loves him but she asks him to move his face back six inches. She says its when she gets up that everything falls apart. He tells her to stay in bed. She takes the lords name in vain cursing and says shes going to be late for church. She gets up. Shes with her at-home patient Vivian whos now up and walking. The preacher says shes the first one in and last one out and tells Jackie she worked a miracle with Vivian.

Jackie hands off some pills to her dealer buddy and grabs some cash. At work, a construction worker is brought into the ER. Thor and Zoey are working the patient when Jackie starts talking to him. Coop asks if she can be in there and they move the patient. Jackie says she thinks she can.

Gloria chews Jackie out and says she cant be in trauma even for a gurney transfer. Jackie agrees to stay out of trauma and Gloria says no touching patients and to stay 25 feet from the pharmacy.

Coop comes over to stand by then and smiles. He says he thought something good was happening but Thor says its not good.

Gloria tells Jackie she can clean up all the blood and points Jackie to the room. She looks at all the soiled bandages and pads and puts on gloves to go to work. Matt is singing in the supply closet to his headphones when Jackie asks for a mop. He hands her a clean mop and she says shes still not going to see his band. He smiles anyway. Jackie rolls the mop bucket through the waiting room when a woman asks if shes a nurse. The woman says her moms stomach is hurting and asks how much longer they have to wait. Jackie goes to check her chart. She puts it on the top of the stack.

Then she goes back to wheeling her mop bucket. Thor calls her name next. Gloria is with Zoey and they talk about footwear. Gloria says the rules of Jackies diversion is that she has a designated monitor and tells Zoey she will be the monitor. Carrie sticks her head in and asks if Jackie is still a nurse. Gloria says nurses assistant and Carrie takes that to mean theyre pretending Jackie doesnt know anything and rushes off. Zoey asks if she has to do this and Gloria says shes going to throw so much shit work at Jackie she wont last a week. Zoey says this feels personal and Gloria says it is.

Carrie comes back and asks if Jackie can hold things for her. She says not a patient or narcotics.

Gloria hands Zoey a pee cup to watch Jackie urinate for her drug test. Jackie makes small talk with Zoey about going back to college. Zoeys phone rings twice and Jackie tells her to go ahead and answer it. Zoey says she cant leave until the pee is sealed and labeled. Jackie asks if she can turn her back so she can pee and Zoey says she would if she could. Jackie says theyll have to wait for her bladder. Zoey tells Jackie shes on soiled linens today. Jackie says that sounds great.

Coop shows Eddie a place he and Carrie are looking at. He says its the only one Carrie liked. He says hes hoping he gets it and says he made a good offer and wants to surprise Carrie with the keys. Then Coop asks Eddie to be his kids godfather. Eddie says hes not sure and Coop says it doesnt require any action. They both do bad Godfather impressions. Jackie rolls by with her cart and Coop calls her Cinderella and says its depressing watching her haul garbage. He asks if Eddie has talked to her since shes been back. He lies and says not really.

Jackie gets lost in the basement and Matt points her toward the laundry. He says all the good stuff happens here and says he heard Jackie was into rule-breaking. She asks if someone is smoking and he says if they were, hed know about it. She heads to the laundry then finds Carrie smoking out a cracked window. She offers Jackie a cigarette. Turns out Carrie had a miscarriage and hasnt told Coop. She says shes relieved. She tells Jackie she cant tell him because hes so excited and says it will break his heart. Jackie says delaying it will make it worse.

She tells Carrie hell smell the smoke on her. Thor tells Gloria its nice to have Jackie back. Gloria says she doesnt agree. They stop talking when Jackie walks by and she says its junior high. Jackie goes to check on the Asian woman with stomach pain and Jackie tells Zoey its getting worse. She comes to check on Mrs Kims sheets and whisperes to Zoey she has blue toes. Zoey calls out for Coop who comes over immediately. He asks Jackies opinion and then Zoey tells him to stop talking to her. Turns out the woman had lipo recently and he checks her abdomen.

Coop says she may have an embolism. Zoey pulls the curtain in her face and Jackie turns to see Gloria watching her. She walks away. Later, she sits by the newsstand when Thor walks by whispering that hes sorry and still likes her. Eddie comes to sit by her and she says only Matt the dungeon master talks to her like shes normal and says Gloria has a target on him. He tells her Coop asked to be the godfather of his child. Jackie says poor Coop. Gloria comes over and chews Eddie out for not handing over the inventory. Jackie tells her he just bought her some gum.

Jackie runs to tell Carrie that Coop bought her a house and she needs to tell him now. Carrie says she doesnt need her help and shell tell him in her own time. Zoey gets off the call she finally answered then runs from Jackie but screams when shes startled because Thor is already in the room. She asks what hes doing and he says his blood sugar is high. She says she has to watch Jackie pee and says its so stressful. She wants to hide with him. She tells him she got into the Masters program and got a huge scholarship. He says thats terrible, joking.

Zoey says she cant handle this workplace stress. Thor tells her to come with him and says to walk behind him to hide from Jackie. Coop is making notes in a chart when Carrie comes to find him. He asks her to come for a drive after work for a surprise. She says she doesnt like surprises. Jackie comes over and interrupts and asks to borrow a cigarette. Coop says she doesnt smoke because shes pregnant. She hands them over and says to keep them since she bought a carton. Carrie tells Coop shes okay and that first trimester miscarriages are very common.

Hes stunned and says hes so sad. She hugs him and says she didnt want to tell him. He says she smells like smoke and he tells her to hold her breath. Mrs Kim starts to crash and Coop calls Jackie over. They start wheeling her out and Jackie has to step out since she cant be in trauma. She watches Coop and Carrie work on Mrs Kim. People stream into the room. She stays and watches.

The woman flatlines. Jackie stares. Her daughter comes out and Jackie says shes sorry for her loss. She says she has to call her dad and Jackie says she can take her but Coop says he will.

Jackie steps into the room shes got to move the woman to the morgue. She touches the womans head gently and closes her eyes. Thor takes Zoey to Eddie and says she needs a Xanax.

He says hes happy to help and Zoey says maybe a half or a quarter then says this is stressing her out. Gloria comes in and says that needs to go in a medication cup but Zoey says its for her. Gloria pulls Eddie into another room and says hes fired. He says shes gunning for him. She asks where her inventory is and he says she fired him and he doesnt have to do anything.

Gloria walks out and holds her hand out to Zoey who hands over the Xanax. Gloria pops it into her mouth and tells she and Thor to get back to work. Matt is also wheeling a dead body and tells Jackie they can race. He says he loves his job and Jackie says she doesnt because she could have done something for this woman. He tells her All Saints is going to close and shell be sad since shes a nurse. He says he was cleaning up after a meeting in HR and says some Swedish group is buying it and its being converted to luxury condos.

He says it pays to be invisible. She asks when theyre going to tell the staff and he says it seemed pretty hush hush to him. In the ER, Jackie walks in and looks at Thor and Zoey. She stands at the counter and Thor comes to stand by her. She asks whats the matter and he says everything is out of control. He asks if he can stand next to her. Eddie comes in and says Gloria fired him but its fine.

He tells her to keep going. Gloria comes in and glares at her. Eddie flips Jackie around and gives her a big kiss while everyone watches. Gloria continues to stare. He says hell see her later at his place.

She says yeah. Jackie watches him leave and he smiles back at her. She smiles back.