BY Stormy Elizabeth
on March 24, 2015

Tonight on CBS Person of Interest continues with an all new Tuesday March 24, season 4 episode 18 called, Skip and we have your recap below. On tonights episode, Reese [Jim Caviezel] protects a bounty hunter; and Finch [Michael Emerson] tries to set the plan he began in Hong Kong in motion.

On the last episode, Reese and Finch tried to protect a psychologist whose unorthodox methods for helping his patients find closure could have cost him dearly. Meanwhile, flashbacks revealed Finchs fragile state in the days following the bombing that killed his best friend, Nathan Ingram. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonights episode as per the CBS synopsis, Reese must protect a bounty hunter who refuses to let the potential threat to her life deter her from the relentless pursuit of her target. Also, Finch tries to set the plan he began in Shanghai in motion.

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#PersonOfInterest starts with a high stakes back room gambling operation. Reese is there and is cleaning up. The number is Frankie Wells, the woman who acts as hostess at the illegal card game. Ray is her boss. She spills something on Ray then apologizes and begs him not to fire her. She goes with Ray where she cant be seen and beats the crap out of him. Reese thinks shes in trouble and follows but she tells him Ray is hers then smacks him too.

Reese says hes a cop and is reaching for his badge. He says Frankie stole it. Root comes in and Harold hides a device from her. He says hes going to have coffee with someone Professor Whistler met a while back. She says it must be a woman since hes blushing. He leaves. Ms Bridges video chats with Mr Flint about a project. She tells him she was talking to her angel investor about her predictive algorithm. She says when she sends the hard drive, it will go live.

Harold asks her to have dinner to celebrate once she sends it. She agrees. Back at the PD, Reese finds Iris there and greets her. She asks if hes all right but then says she wants to end their therapy sessions and is referring him to another doctor. He asks if this is about him telling her about the violence in his past. She says the reasons arent important and he asks her to tell him whats going on but she leaves. Fusco looks at Reeses face and says ouch. He tells him the woman who hit him stole his badge.

Reese stole her phone and shows Fusco the photos of Ray and says she tried to kidnap him. There are photos before she went to work there and was obviously scouting him. Fusco says with Reeses badge, she may be likely to open more doors. Fusco starts calling places on the list they found. Harold asks Reese if he sent him a new number. He says he did it and Harold asks when it came in. Hes in a panic. Its his date Ms Bridges. He hangs up on Reese.

Frankie comes to a bar and flashes Reeses badge. Hes there waiting and arrests her. She says shes a bounty hunter after Ray. He asks why Ray would come here and she says hell be trying to leave the country since he now knows shes on to him. He asks about the list on her phone. She says Athena makes fake papers and is in the bar somewhere. Ray comes into the bar and they go chasing him. Athena pulls up and picks him up then tells Reese hi. Frankie asks if he knows her.

Reese says he does and her name is not Athena. Its Harper Rose but Reese says thats not her real name either. Fusco comes over and checks Frankie out. She says the bail contract is in her pocket and turns around so Reese can take it out. He does and sees that Ray Pratt skipped bail. Frankie says Pratt ran a lot of dirty gambling operations. She says shell lose a million bucks if she loses him. Reese uncuffs her but says he thinks her life is in danger and cant let her go alone.

He says hes her best shot at finding Ray. Root meets Harold and she asks whats up. He shows her the pic of Elizabeth Bridges and says her number came up right when he sat down with her. Root says he triggered it and says ru-roh. He asks for Roots help. She agrees. Reese shows Frankie the file on Harper while he makes some calls. He almost runs into Iris and he just walks away from her cold. He tells Frankie no luck with Harper. She asks how they met.

Reese says she stole cash from a medical marijuana group. He says shes a scammer of the highest order. She asks for more info on Harper. Root and Harold follow Elizabeth. She says this is a long way from their first field trip and he says when she kidnapped him and killed two people. She says she never thought they would be friends and cant imagine life without her. Harold says Elizabeth has attached Greers attention. Root isnt happy he left that part out.

Harold gets a call from Elizabeth whos confirming their dinner plans. Root says he likes her and then Liz sees a guy and they argue. Root tells Harold to stay back while she gets closer to listen. She doesnt want Liz to spot Harold. They ask where Ray is and she says she told him to hide out and not tell her where until the documents are ready. Frankie says when he gets the ID, Ray will leave for good and she wont let it happen. Harper tells them to go chase Carlton Worthy.

Reese threatens to arrest her but she doesnt back down. Reese and Frankie leave. Root reports back to Harold and says the man left and that Liz went to bed. They come in and find the office has been tossed. Reese tells Frankie they just need to stay on Harper and theyll use her to find Ray. She changes in the back of the car and he says he bluejacked two of her phones and couldnt get the third. Frankie says thats because she already had.

Frankie makes a call to her guy about the papers then heads out. They follow. Reese tells Frankie to stay back and be patient but then Harpers car is hit and then shot up. Reese and Frankie get out. They see theres a random guy driving Harpers car. Reese and Frankie take out the other guys but then someone gets a drop on Reese and they take Frankie. Carlton Worthy is there and introduces himself to her right before they knock her out.

Reese wakes handcuffed on one side to Frankie and to a metal table on the other. Worthy comes in and says its a shame Ray wasnt in the car. He says he was following her to get to Ray and then she let Harper get away. Worthy says Ray stole a $100k any more and says theres no integrity. He tells Frankie to hand over her other leads. He tells Reese hes got 10 minutes to change her mind before his men kill them both.

Root asks Harold about his office break in and he says its a side project. He says he gained access to her computer in Hong Kong and says he built a back door to get to their enemy. Root says he made her algorithm a Trojan Horse hoping it will be uploaded to Samaritan. He says the Trojan Horse is dormant but he needs to activate it at dinner. Root says hes getting DNA that could cripple Samaritan. He says its a one shot deal but could change the war.

They see Liz talking to her ex angrily. Root says this is good news because the jealous ex himbo trashed his office. The ex gets into a cab heading for JFK. Root says she has to go take care of something alone and leaves. She hugs him first. Frankie is trying to uncuff them but is struggling. She tells him about her poor childhood and her brother Deacon. She spots a paperclip and struggles to reach it. She has it but Reese says theyre coming.

She gets him loose of the table just in time but theyre still tethered. They fight each with one arm to take out Carltons men. They throw them into the freezer. Frankie pulls him in for a kiss then leaves him handcuffed to the freezer. He tells her to come on but she says shes a liar and has to catch Ray herself. She takes off and leaves him stuck. Harold tails Root. Shes in a hotel room in Lizs room and asks why hes there.

He asks why shes there and she opens a bottles of pills. Harold says the threat is Root. She admits it is and says she has to kill her. Back at the PD, Fusco tells Reese he has a lead on Ray. His uncle used to work new the docks in a seasonal business. He says they have to work fast because he thinks Ray is not just a thief but a killer. Carltons accountant got his throat slashed and Fusco thinks it was Ray which means Harper and Frankie could both be in trouble.

Frankie goes to meet Ray with his new documents and plane ticket to Brazil. He tells her to come on up. She looks around suspiciously. Harold asks Root if she also trashed his office. She says she knew most of his plan and says only he would have the audacity to sneak past Zeus to steal fire. She says Elizabeth has to die so she doesnt get Harold killed. She has an untraceable neurotoxin and says shell make sure her death is painful. Reese is out at the docks when Fusco tells him the accountant was Deacon.

Reese says Ray is the victim also. Harper asks for the cash for the documents but instead he offers a flash drive full of all of Carltons illegal transactions. Frankie shows up and tells Harper to go. She snatches the hard drive then tells her Ray is a sociopath. Frankie says she knows then attacks. Root says she will knock Harold out so he doesnt have to watch. He asks why she didnt just tell him to stop instead of killing her. She says its better this way.

Harold says his plan means too much and says its worth the risk to his life but Root says hes too important. He says the machine can do without him but Root says hes too important to him. She admits the machine told her not to do this but Root says she cant sacrifice him to the cause. She says not him and Shaw. He says shell kill Elizabeth to save his life and says it wil be over soon. He lunges and drinks the neurotoxin. He says no need to kill her if hes already dead.

Frankie introduces herself to Ray and says shes his new bail bondsman and can get him there dead or alive. She grabs his gun and fires it across the room then says she shot him in self defense. He asks why she wants him dead then Reese shows up and tells Ray he murdered her brother Deacon. She says she figured out her brother caught him stealing from Carlton. She says shed usually ask if he was sorry that he killed her brother but says she knows now a sociopath cant be sorry.

She puts the gun to his head but Reese stops her. Ray uses this moment to grab the dropped gun and hold it on Harper. He says aint this a hell of a thing. Ray takes Harper with him and when Reese tries to follow, he shoots at him. But then Carltons men are there after Ray with automatic weapons. Harold is looking bad. Root tells him that shes disappointed and when she calls 911 he yanks the line out of the wall. He tells her he wont go and they cant force him.

Reese tells Frankie that Carlton doesnt care if Harper dies. Harper steps out and says she can give him Rays proof against him. She tells Ray that he is going to be dead or under arrest. She tells Reese that he will take just Ray and will leave Carlton out of this. Reese agrees and says Carlton can walk. Harper looks at Frankie. Reese tells Frankie that Ray will go to jail for a long time so no killing. She says no but he says to save the girls life. He says its what he has to ask of her.

She says all right. Harper tosses the flash drive to Carlton and then Ray comes at Harper with his gun saying hes not going to jail. Reese shoots him in the hand and its done. Root begs Harold to stop this. She asks if he cares that much about Elizabeth. Harold says he cant be responsible for one more friends death but Root says Shaw is not his fault even if she turns up dead. She says she asked Shaw to help out that day. Harold says theyre both trying to save a friend.

Harold is looking bad and Root says she promises she wont kill him. They head for the elevator just as Elizabeth is coming out of hers. She doesnt see Harold just Root. Reese tells Harper to hand over the real thumb drive. She says its hers fair and square. She says some guy sent her encrypted texts and offered her a bunch of lucrative gigs. She says it was Thornhill. She says hes a good guy but Reese says some people think its a her.

Reese tells Harold that Harper is getting texts from the machine. Harold meets Elizabeth. He asks to come in and she shows him a letter claiming that she falsified data and says she knows he was the one that discredited him. She asks if Hong Kong and everything else was a fake. He says not everything. She tells him goodbye and slams the door in his face. He walks away and never got to activate his little device to turn the Trojan Horse on.

Reese says NYPD picked up Carlton and his men. Fusco tells Frankie hell miss her. She asks if hes going to lock her up too but he says maybe next time. Frankie says shes got handcuffs and flirts then gives him a hug. She says to call her when hes a free man. Iris is there and walks over. She tells Reese to come to her office. He does. She says he was right and she should have been honest. She says it wasnt for his protection but because she was a coward.

Iris says theres nothing he could tell her that would make her run. He asks if shes afraid of him. She says she is very much but has feelings for him and says its inappropriate and unethical. She says she cant even see an ex-patient. She says shes tried to stop it and could lose her job. She says when shes with him she feels then she stops and goes to him and kisses him. She starts to walk away but he pulls her back for a deeper kiss. He says hes good at keeping secrets and they kiss again.