BY Victoria Laza
on March 10, 2015

Tonight on Bravo Vanderpump Rules returns with an all new Monday March 9, season 3 episode 19 called, “Reunion Part I” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, when Andy Cohen brings Lisa Vanderpump and her staff together at SUR, Kristen Doute reveals a shocking new friendship.

On the last episode, in the Season 3 finale, SUR’s annual photo shoot turned tense as Tom Sandoval confronted Jax for stabbing him in the back. Katie forced Tom Schwartz to take action in their relationship, while Tom Sandoval and Ariana took their own relationship to a whole new level. While Stassi accepted Lisa’s invitation to the restaurant’s anniversary party, she found returning to SUR more tense than nostalgic. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s show as per the Bravo synopsis, “when Andy Cohen brings Lisa Vanderpump and her staff together at SUR, Kristen reveals a shocking new friendship, Tom Sandoval defends his fight with James at Scheana’s birthday, Jax addresses his rumored romantic past with a man from Miami, and Stassi comes face-to-face with Jax for the first time in over a year.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Bravos’ Vanderpump Rules Season 3 episode 19 — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new episode of VR tonight.

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Andy Cohen hosts the reunion. He asks Jax how things are with Carmen. He says he doesn’t know, but shares he saw her last night. He asks when he and Stassi last spoke. He says he’s run into her, but they haven’t spoken for two years.

Andy asks Kristen how it felt to be the pariah of the group when Jax is now accepted. She says it’s funny they’re accepting Jax when he has ruined people’s relationships and she had nothing to do with it.

Sandoval says Jax does stir the pot, but he doesn’t do it maliciously. He says Jax does it out of insecurity. Lisa says he sleeps with other people’s girlfriends because he doesn’t give a damn.

Jax says he was going through his first breakup with Stassi.

Cohen brings up the rumor about Sandoval cheating on Ariana. He asks Ariana why he didn’t lose faith in him despite all the evidence. She says other people with nothing to do with their relationship were bringing her stories that didn’t add up. Sandoval says he hasn’t made it hard for Ariana to trust him.

Cohen says Sandoval has cheated on girlfriends before, alluding to Kristen. She says nothing is impossible and that’s not really the point. Sandoval says he’s tired of people talking about a situation they were not present for. Schwartz says he was with him all night and nothing happened.

Cohen says people didn’t buy Jax’s deviated septum story. He says that other people on the show have had plastic surgery as well. Scheana says she thinks Stassi is the only one who has had plastic surgery on her face, but she does Botox.

Cohen asks James if he came into Scheana’s birthday party looking for a fight. He says if he were he’d have done a lot more than he did. Sandoval says he was in his face. Schwartz comes in and James says he shouldn’t even start because he punched him in the face. Schwartz says he has a punchable face.

Cohen asks Jax if Carmen and Tiffany knew he was dating at the same time knew about eachother, and he says they did. Katie says them knowing about eachother doesn’t make it okay.

When asked about it, Kristen says Carmen was not aware that he was also dating Tiffany at the same time. She says it is embarrassing for her to watch that on TV. He comes back by bringing up the fact that they were together last night. Jax says it’s not a secret who he is and what he’s doing, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out. He doesn’t plan on settling down anytime soon.

Cohen then asks Jax what happened with the girl in the bathroom. Jax still denies that it happened, but he understands why people were coming at him.

He asks Sandoval what exactly happened. He says that they went back to the room and the girl and Jax were in the bathroom, then Jax came out sweating. Schwartz says regardless of what happened, Jax needed to learn a lesson about meddling in others’ relationships.

Cohen brings up when Jax called his girlfriend and told her about the incident as if he had told her all of this information before. Jax says he may have left some stuff out, and Lisa says he does whatever in the moment not caring about the destruction he causes. Cohen asks who believes Jax, and no one says anything.

Cohen brings up Jax using Sandoval’s cheating rumors when his own cheating is exposed.

Sandoval says when Jax gets backed into a corner he will say anything and deflect to escape. Schwartz says Jax gets wounded animal syndrome when he is cornered.

Cohen says a lot of viewers thought Kristen left her cell phone on the table on purpose so that people would read her text messages and start drama. Kristen says she didn’t do that because she didn’t expect anyone to go through her phone because she wouldn’t go through someone else’s. She says if she wanted to make a spectacle of it, she’d have said it at the table, asking everyone if they would really put it past her to do that.

Cohen says Sandoval sounds suspicious telling Jax not to rat him and Schwartz out. He says Jax has ratted him out before and this is about situations that have occurred over time. He says if he were worried about Jax ratting him out, he’d never say that.

Kristen brings up his cheating and Sandoval says she has had month long affairs with other guys.

Kristen says they are toxic to eachother. Lisa says she knows Sandoval and Ariana were not together while he was with Kristen. Kristen, however, still says she believes he cheated when Cohen asks her.

Kristen brings up the fact that Sandoval spent the night after they broke up at Ariana’s, staying out until 8 a.m. and then lying about it. He and Ariana deny sleeping together that night.

He says Kristen has accused him of other affairs, and she says yes. He denies it.

Cohen asks Jax if he ever had sexual relations with John, and he says no. He shows a clip of John saying he loves him. Jax says he came from Michigan and this is the first gay man he ever came across.

Jax says he has kissed a lot of his gay friends on the lips and does to this day. Lisa says he is a dog who will stick it in anything, so when he saw the show, she believed they had a thing. Jax says she can believe whatever she wants to believe.

Kristen says everyone needs to take it down a notch with believing she was threatening Ariana with physical violence. Ariana brings up the fact that Kristen punched someone (James) in the face.

When asked about his emotional closure conversation with Kristen, Sandoval says he was cold in breaking up with Kristen because he had tried to break up with her several times. He says afterward, he tried to be the best ex-boyfriend he could be and help her move on.

James says that conversation was unnecessary and that he thought they would have a very different conversation. When he found out that she was wiping the tears off Sandoval’s face, it made him sick, he says. When asked if he thinks Kristen is over Sandoval, he says that she is and that the two of them are madly in love.

Schwartz criticizes Stassi for being so cold to Katie, cutting her off just because she went on the trip with Scheana. He says she should be appalled at her own behavior, and that she thinks she’s being more mature than everyone else but she’s actually being less mature.

Stassi arrives at the reunion.

Cohen asks Jax if he has any love with her. Jax says of course because of the past relationship and that Cohen asks Lisa if Jax would ever take Stassi back, and she says not right now. Jax says that he wouldn’t, just support her as a friend.

Lisa says it’s because Katie didn’t do exactly what she wanted, and that she thinks Katie was somewhat subservient to Stassi. She says Katie stood up to Stassi and she supports it, and that she thinks they have seen her emancipation.

Stassi comes out, and Cohen asks her why she went to such great pains to avoid him. Sandoval brings up the look of fear on her face when Jax arrived at the anniversary party and she stormed out.

She says she psyched herself out so much because she did not want things to be about her and Jax anymore. She says that he makes up lies about people and manipulates the situation, and that she is in a relationship and she didn’t feel right hanging out with an ex.

Jax says everything was fine and as soon as they got into the relationship it changed. He says that shows her boyfriend’s insecurity.

Stassi says he didn’t, but she would want the same thing from him. Jax says he just wanted to see how she was in life, and that he had e-mailed her. Stassi says she must have been blocked at the time and that she owes him nothing.

Scheana says the whole reason she and Stassi couldn’t hang out was that she was friends with Kristen and now Kristen and Stassi are friends.

Stassi says Kristen is the only person who will talk to her. When James says he had texted her, she says she had blocked him.

Cohen asks Stassi if Jax doesn’t deserve the closure conversation because he cheated, and she says he did more than cheat and did many things that have seriously affected her life.

Scheana tells Stassi that she’s incapable of being nice about anything that isn’t centered around herself, using the example of Stassi mocking her wedding dress.

When Cohen asks her if she actually cares about any of these people, there is a long pause and then she says no.

Lisa says many of these people have helped her, and Stassi says Katie is the only person who has been there for her.

Katie says she disposes of people like they’re things and that she is the most selfish person she has ever met in her life.