BY Stormy Elizabeth
on February 13, 2015

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday February 13, season 5 episode 15 called, E Imi pono and we have your weekly recap below. On tonights episode, a journalist is killed and Five-0 uses his reporting to track down a presumed dead Congolese warlord who is alive and living on Oahu. Meanwhile, Danny [Scott Caan] overreacts when Graces text to a boy start accidentally showing up on his cell phone.

On the last episode, while Five-0 hunted for a notorious criminal who had never been seen, Kono had to fight for her life when she discovered the villains identity. Also, Kono confessed to Adam that she was conflicted about their future together because of his ties to his formerly corrupt family business. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonights episode as per the CBS synopsis, when a journalist is killed, Five-0 must use his past reporting to hunt down a presumed dead Congolese warlord who is alive and well living on Oahu. Also, as Valentines Day approaches, Danny overreacts when Graces texts to a boy start accidently coming up on his cell phone. Barkhad Adbi guest stars as the Congolese warlord.

This is definitely one series that you dont want to miss. Dont forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Hawaii Five-0 new season. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonights episode below.

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On #H50, a guy walks nervously down an alley and is startled by kids with fireworks. He pulls up his sweatshirt hood as the lunar new year celebration rolls on in Chinatown. He slips through the crowd looking all around then uses a flashlight and mirror to check under a car. He chirps the locks then gets in but is scared by a guy walking by. A guy in his backseat says hello Julius then strangles him.

At Steves place, he makes coffee when Danny comes in and says hes going to kill this little punk. Its a kid Apane who keeps texting Grace non-stop. He says he got her a new phone but somehow hes getting her texts because theyre in a cloud plan. Steve says hes spying on his kid. Steve puts butter in his coffee and Danny is horrified. He says its a thing to enhance brain function.

Danny gets out the milk and says hell stick to the old fashioned stuff. Dannys phone chimes with more texts from the kid to Grace. Danny reads off him asking Grace her favorite candy. Steve tells him its two kids talking about candy the day before Valentines Day. Danny says there should be no romance about his daughter. He says he doesnt trust the little thug and Steve says they should take him out. Steve gets a call about a case.

Shaw is there and says Julius Brenner has ligature marks suggesting a powerful assailant death between 10 pm and midnight. His cash is still there so no robbery and they look at grease on his knee. They also see the flashlight and mirror. Steve spots a hand print on the back of the car and says Julius was looking for something under his car. Danny says the guy must have thought someone was out to get him and Steve says he was right.

We see a new broadcast of Julius in Falujah. He was an award winning journalist and documentarian. Chin says he was wounded in 2010 then did some freelance work on violence in Detroit then nothing. He bought a one way ticket from LAX a few days ago. Steve asks to talk to his former employers to see if he was working on a story in the islands that might have gotten him killed. Max hums happily at work and says he has a nice evening for V-Day planned with Sabrina.

Shaw says she has a date with her Kindle and a bottle of wine. Max finds that Julius has written on his torso and Shaw says it can be caused by stress and temporal lobe disorder. They hold up a mirror and they can read it. It all sounds like the ravings of a depressed man and Shaw says its like text doodling. Kono calls and says they found where he was staying he wrote all over the walls too. Kono says someone tossed the room and took the card from his camera and his laptop hard drive.

Danny is complaining about Graces text stuff to the customer service woman from the cell company. She says she has to transfer him to tech support and puts him on old. Danny says when he was a kid you had to go up and talk to a girl but any kid with a phone can mack on his daughter. The phone tells Danny his expected wait time is 38 minutes. He gives up and hangs up. Shaw is sniffing a bouquet when Jerry comes in. She says she bought them for herself.

Jerry says the conspiracy theory is that the candy and greeting card companies invented the holiday but he says thats cynical because its a good day to tell those you love that you care about them. She says thats beautiful and offers him a rose to give to someone he cares about. He heads in to see Max. He says he came to get photos of the body writing to look for clues. Max says he could have just emailed them. Jerry says no way hes having dead body photos sent to his public email.

Max puts the photos on a flash drive for him and Jerry asks what you do with the brains when you take them out. Max says sometimes they put them back in and sometimes they send them for further testing or research. Jerry asks if Walt Disneys brain could be frozen somewhere. Max says its an urban legend. Jerry says to keep telling himself that. He takes the flash drive and goes.

Chin says he found Julius on a security camera using his credit card receipts. He met someone at a restaurant and they run facial recognition on the guy who was with him. They get a hit and its a guy named Hamilton from the Department of State who was in the Congo the same time Julius was there. Lou and Chin go see the guy. He says he and Julius were friends. He says Julius was committed to showing the world what was going on in the Congo.

Hamilton says was there when Julius was wounded. He says the State Department called for evacuation of all personnel but Julius wouldnt leave. They ask why Julius was there and he says he told him he was there on vacation. He says Julius did not seem like the man he knew and says he was distracted, paranoid and left him worried. He says he was worried Julius was headed for a breakdown. Lou and Chin leave and Lou says he doesnt believe Julius was there on vacation.

Chin says their interactions on video didnt look like friends and they decide Hamilton is likely CIA. Jerry calls and says he sees a recurring symbol the Sagittarius arrow. Kono says they also found some other things that indicate a he. Kono found the name Patrice Thomas a guy who came to Oahu who was from the Congo. Lou and Steve go to Patrices apartment and hes dead. Shaw says hes been dead about 12 hours and he was struck in the face before he died.

It looks like he shot up but Steve says the place is too neat and they also dont see track marks. They find a Sagittarius mark on him and it looks almost like a brand.

They find some footage of Julius talking to Patrice in the Congo talking about men with machetes killing his parents. He says blood dripped from their blades. He says he tried to keep his brother quiet but he couldnt. He says one soldier went to strike his brother but he pleaded with him to spare his brothers life in exchange for him joining Makonis army.

Julius tells him that hes special. Patrice escaped from Makonis army after four years. Julius asks what hell do if he can get to America. Julius says hell tell his story and show the world the horrors of Makoni. Kono says this was part of the documentary Julius was making when he was injured. Makoni was a warlord in the Congo and was reported dead in an air strike supposedly coordinated by the CIA. Lou says Patrice thought he was safe and likely Patrice and Julius were killed by the same person.

Chin says Patrice and Julius had been talking recently. Lou asks why Hamilton is holding out on them. They see an empty cab and they check the plates its owned by Earl Robinson, aka Makoni. (OMG hes the Im the Captain now guy from Captain Phillips! Its Barkhad Abdi!!) Steve has SWAT and a ton of cops with him looking for Makoni and cautions them that hes dangerous. Lou is leading a team looking for Hamilton, the former CIA guy.

Hamilton was the guy that confirmed he saw Makonis corpse. They think that Makoni paid Hamilton off with blood diamonds. They head out to take their targets down. Hamilton is working on his boat when the cops pull up. Kono says hands up abut he says that wont happen and we see a gun in his waistband. Kono says hands over his head. He tells them not to underestimate Makoni. He grabs his gun, shoots the gas tank of his boat and the blast sends the cops scattering.

Makoni sees the cops outside his apartment building as they pull up with lights on. He grabs an assault rifle and starts firing at them from the balcony. They return fire. He then takes a handgun, goes running, hops onto a van and takes off by the pool. Steve gives chase but cant shoot because of civilians in the way. They chase him down. He tries to steal a car but people keep racing away from him when they see the gun.

He finally gets a car and puts the guy in front of him, shoots at the cops then drives away. They shoot the car a couple of times but hes away. Kono says HPD found the car abandoned near a forest. Lou says the guy wont surrender and Steve says he must have an extraction plan. We see Makoni go to a storage place, open up the hood of a cab and we see a giant bomb there. He clicks it on. Makoni pulls up to a hotel and picks up three passengers.

He pulls up the windows and locks the doors. Then he pulls out a gun and shoots the guy in the abdomen. He calls the police department and demands to speak to Steve McGarrett. SWAT and cop cars roll out to where Makoni has the family in his car. Steve tells him the helicopter is being fueled. Makoni says he has a car full of C4 and Steve asks to send a doctor for the man he shot. Makoni says Steve can come if he cares so much.

Makoni holds the teenage daughter tight with a gun on her. Steve disarms and pulls off his bullet proof vest. Lou tells him to be careful but Danny says he doesnt know that word. Steve walks up to the car and holds up his hands. He turns so Makoni can see hes unarmed. He motions Steve closer and puts down the passenger window. Steve asks to open the back door and Makoni unlocks it. Steve undoes the guys seatbelt and checks the wound. He says he needs to get him out.

Makoni tells Steve to get on his knees then asks if he thinks hes a monster. Steve says monsters arent real but he is. He says he gave those kids in the Congo a cause and Steve says kidnap, rape and murder isnt a cause. Makoni says he made those children soldiers. Makoni says he wanted to look in Steves eyes and hear him agree to his demands. Makoni says many men cower under a gun. He points the gun at Steve who says do it. Kono shoots him with her sniper rifle.

Chin asks why Makoni is still breathing and she says a bullet to the head would have been too easy for him. They yank the wounded Makoni out, pull out the victims then back off to let the bomb squad go to work. As they haul Makoni off, he tells Steve you and I will see each other again. Steve says he hopes so. Danny tells Steve the guy could have killed him. Steve says he wasnt thinking about that and tells Danny he did a good job.

The texts keep coming in and Danny says the kid is taking Grace for an ice cream. Danny says Grace lied to him and told him she was going to study with a friend. He heads over to confront his daughter. He sees her with the kid and then he types a text to ask her how the studying is going. Then he deletes because he sees they are having innocent fun. Patrices brother Wesley comes to identify his body and says his brothers courage saved his life.

He says every night he would pray his brother could get away from Makoni then one day he saw that he was there. He says he had a big, silly smile. Wesley says they never stopped living in fear of Makoni, even in America. Kono tells him that Patrice and Julius died bringing Makoni to justice and says his brother was a hero. Chin says they would be proud of him. Lou is grilling heart shaped burgers for the gang when Kamekona gives him some tips on presentation.

Lou tells him let the guy from Chicago handle the beef. Chin tells Jerry that hes staring at Shaw. Jerry says they had a moment but Chin says its not far from love at first sight to a restraining order and encourage him to go talk to her. He goes over as Steve says hell get shot down. Lou puts money on Jerry getting the date. Jerry hands her the rose as Danny comes over to watch. They decide that Jerry has game.

Danny says hes not spying on his daughter, hes texting Amber about the flowers he sent her. Steve points out that Grace looks glum and says maybe her romance is on the rocks. Danny asks whats up and she says she wasnt studying, she was eating ice cream with a boy she likes and she lied to him. He says its okay and hes glad she told him. He says hes glad she felt bad about it and says he could see all her text messages because their phones got messed up.

He says he went and saw her with the kid and it looked like she was having a good time. He says Grace is the important thing to him and they have to trust each other. She says hes sorry and loves him. He hugs her and says to hurry up and get rich and buy him one of these fancy houses. They laugh.