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They say it's the most highly anticipated comeback in The Biggest Loser history, but -- is it? Tonight it all comes down to Woody and Scott. One of them will be able to rejoin the ranch, and according to Bob Harper, it's about to get crazy in here! As expected, the contestants are all super excited to see Bob, and know he didn't quit the show like Jillian did.

Out comes Woody. I guess he won, but his entrance totally lacked drama and suspense the way that Bob's did. "We've never had a surprise quite like this one," Alison states before Bob explained the concept of Comeback Canyon to the other contestants. "This man brought down the beast," Bob says. Poor Scott -- he was so close!

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The Curveball

Angry Rob is angry, since he thought he was in the top three, but now he's set back two weeks, with this surprise and the whole Tim Gunn vanishing line ordeal. "That is messed up!" he yells, making everyone uncomfortable. And, then he starts crying. "You see the light at the end of the tunnel, and then you're further away from it!" he whines. Guys, if Rob wins this show, I'm never watching it again. (Actually, that's a lie. I'll be recapping next season too.)

It's up to Dolvett to calm Rob down, and explain the concept of curveballs. "Don't I have a right to be angry?" Rob asks. He does, but that's like... all this guy does. He yells and screams.

"I want you to win your life!" Dolvett states. It seems like Angry Rob used to suppress anger with food. "There has to be more than one way to deal with this," Dolvett says with some sympathy.

What's New With Scott?

Let's check up with Scott, shall we? He's currently at 240, and looks super amazing. He uses some kind of Garmin fitness band to help him stay on target, and also loves to ice skate with his family and stuff. He's also playing football with some old buddies. Once again, he's an athlete! And he's also going to be an author, supposedly. Let's hope he writes at least one chapter about that argument he had with Woody last week.

Back in the Gym With Bob

We get a recap of Bob for a while, just in case anyone just started watching the show this season. Bob is absolutely dying to get his hands on the other four contestants, since Woody is totally old news by now. "You are a champion. There's nothing you can't do!" Bob says to Lori, who is totally trying to impress him. Meanwhile, Jessie and Jen are also there.

"I'm a fan of Toma," Bob admits. "Toma's going to go a long, long way." Also, he does a weird little heart motion while chatting him up, so it's possible that Bob thinks Toma is hot.

As far as Rob goes, Bob already thinks he's set himself up for failure. "You are fearless!" Bob says while motivating. Unfortunately, Rob over-thinks the exercise he's been asked to do and starts to look a little crazy. With time, Bob is able to talk him into completing his goals. Bob for President!

The One Pound Advantage

Now it's time for the challenge. It's all about rowing machines and medicine balls with this one. Also, basketball. They need to get five medicine balls in the hoop to win, and the winner will get a one pound advantage. "We're all begging for one pound now," Woody claims.

They're all on their machines, and they need to row a bunch. Since watching people row is pretty boring, the show features each contestant explaining what that one pound advantage would truly mean to them. Toma and Woody finish rowing first, and Rob is third up. Rob ends up making the first hoop. Soon after, it's obvious that it's a tight race between Toma, Rob and Lori.

Speaking of tight races, Rob and Toma actually needed the staff from The Biggest Loser to replay video to see who actually won. Toma ended up scoring first, and shockingly enough, Rob didn't flip out.

The Last Chance Workout

Now it's time for the Last Chance Workout, with all of the coaches. Once again, Bob owns the gym with Dolvett being second-most awesome.

"This has been... a tough week for us," Dolvett says as he trains Rob. Rob spouts out something about how he's a different guy now, and mentions how he's using the curveball to motivate him further.

Jen takes some time with Sonya, who she's had on her team since the very beginning. Sonya notes how she's had 39 years of insecurity, and it's foolish to think that has all gone away in 16 weeks.

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The Weigh-In

Uh oh. It's weigh-in time, and the contestants will be facing a red line this week. Once again, Alison chats about Comeback Canyon and mentions how it's Sonya's 40th birthday tonight, which will explain the tiny breakdown earlier.

Toma weighs in first, and loses a massive 14 pounds. Seriously? That is amazing, and his best weight loss week of all time. Lori loses six, which finally brings her down to 220.

Let's hope Sonya gets some good numbers for her birthday. Losing six pounds, she's guaranteed a spot in the final four. Since she started on the ranch, she's lost 40% of her body weight.

Rob needs to have lost at least eight pounds to stay safe, and he manages to kill it by losing fifteen. Unfortunately, that means that it'll be between Lori and Woody.

According to Bob, every member of Comeback Canyon is standing in Woody's shadow right now. Man, if he doesn't make this, the whole concept is a total letdown. Luckily, Woody pulls 11 pounds and stays safe.

Lori makes a point to thank Jessie for helping her face her fears, and Jessie responds by telling her she's an amazing human being.

Checking Up with Lori

Lori started the show at 301 pounds, and now she's at 210. When she first arrived on the ranch, she was broken -- and now, she's much happier. In fact, she goes so far as to say that she's a fun mom now. She's using her softball skills to train youth softball, and is aiming to win the At-Home Prize.

Next Week: Is it a clip show? They're presenting it that way. I seriously hope not, since there's only two episodes left!

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