September 24, 2014

As weve been doing all night, we are posted some Big Brother 16″ interview highlights from the backyard! These are coming courtesy of WIBW and Brian Haug, who was nice enough to actually live stream his interviews. There were not many who did that this year.

Read on to see some highlights on Haydens relationship with Nicole, whether or not he enjoyed Team America, and what some of his future plans are as a pedicab driver.

On Haydens decision It was honestly a pretty easy decision. No matter who it was, if Derrick was in the final two I was voting for him He was a hand in all of us going home. He played the best game.

On Team America reaction
Thats insane. I was so stunned because Donny was a part of it. I could expect Derrick and Frankie, but Donny! I was so surprised because he was my friend in the house.

On Nicole
Me and Nicole like each other a lot, and were going to try to make it work Itll be difficult with our distance, but you got to give it a try.

On his future
I have no idea. I dont even know what to do with a lot of money I didnt leave much in my studio apartment.

Hayden is a pretty nice guy, and were bummed that he didnt make it further in the game.

We really thought he was going to for a long time, and he seems to already be interested in playing again. Its still too early to tell if thatll happen.

Photo: CBS