September 24, 2014

Jocasta Odom was the first member of the jury on Big Brother 16, and shes someone we really wish that she brought more of her personality to the table. She has a big voice, but was very quiet throughout the game.

Best memories in the house My best memory was when Donny saved me My second best memory was just BEING A BIG BROTHER CAST MEMBER! Ive watched Big Brother since I was 22, and thats a long time.

On using faith in the house, and changing her personality
I did not come in to do that, but I did have to flip my strategy when I came into the house and [was more reserved] I had to bring that down in order to last.

On her reaction to Donny giving her the Veto
-I think that was a good thing. Of course I know their plan was to get rid of someone else, but you never know I dont know if I would have stayed if he [did not use it].

On voting for Cody
I knew he wasn't going to win, but I had already told Cody from the jump that if he got to the [end], he would [get my vote].

On why she was a target
I think nobody necessarily wants to sit beside [people with family] That plays on it to. Nobody wants to sit next to a Jocasta or a Brittany.

Photo: CBS