Thats right folks its back! BB16 is on and now we can cast people to play the hamsters in a movie about this season based entirely on looks. If you think a celebrity, sports start, random other kinda famous person looks like a houseguest let us know and if you can include a picture. As always i will get us started:

Devin could be played by The Rock

Zack could be played by Dr Will

Donny could be played by a Duck Dynasty dude

Derrick could be played by Chief Wiggum from The Simpsons

Frankie and Joey are elves or Link (legend of zelda) and Tinkerbell

Brittany could be played by Katie Cassidy

Caleb could be played by Brad Paisley

Amber i cant figure it out but i know there is someone (maybe stacey dash)

Cody maybe Zack Efron

Paola Victoria and Jocasta i have no clue

Christina is maybe Ian from BB14 or Wheres Waldo or Sara Gilbert's Leslie Winkle on Big Bang Theory (gotta be a better option)

Hayden is Ug from Salute Your Shorts (90's nickelodeon show)

I will add pictures of my picks later, but tell me what you think of my casting? Do you have better options? Who do you think could play the houseguests if this season was turned into a movie?