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Thread: BBviewer is out

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    Default BBviewer is out

    for those that prefer BBviewer to the CBS viewer their prayers are answered.

    You can get a Windows only version here:

    or you can get an Adobe Air version that runs on Mac, Linux or Windows here

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    Default An update to the viewer:

    This should fix some of the issues people were having:

    BBViewer 3.1:
    - This should fix the loading / hanging circle thing when switching feeds or trying flashbacks

    The Windows version doesn't seem to want to auto-update - just download this and replace

    Air version users - If you are updating - choose Download Now, Postpone until Restart, then Restart (close and reopen) the app to install

    BBViewer is an alternate viewer application to watch the Big Brother live feeds! It requires a live feed subscription with CBS to work.

    BBViewer requires Adobe Air to be installed. Adobe Air is cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) and can be found at:

    Windows ONLY (with screenshot option)
    (note: your browser may warn you as this is an .exe file - you will need to choose something like Keep Anyway or Save!)

    Adobe Air version for Mac, Linux or Windows

    p.s.s. Some users report a black screen even after signing in. Make sure you are signing in with the email you bought your live feeds subscription with.

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