Big Brother 16 Schedule – Episodes & Live Events

By: Matthew Boyer | June 9, 2014 at 2:55 PM EDT

The new Big Brother 16 schedule is coming together as CBS has announced the new season start date and show nights. Put that together with what we’ve come to expect on the Live Feeds and we’ve got ourselves a BB16 calendar once the preseason events are over.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother – Source: CBS

The new season of Big Brother premieres on Wednesday, June 25th at 8PM ET/PT when we get to watch the new cast enter the house and scramble to find a bed and an ally. They’ll hopefully have a bit of a reprieve from danger though as CBS is already telling us the first live eviction won’t happen until the following week. Of course a first night cut wouldn’t require any live audience, but let’s hope that doesn’t happen again.

The rest of the weekly shows will be on Thursdays at 9PM ET/PT with the first live eviction on July 3, 2014, as previously noted, and Sundays at 8PM ET/PT. Last year Big Brother was going to get bumped around from Tues/Wed to Wed/Thurs, but this year we’re set from the start with a Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday episode schedule.

Sunday episodes typically feature nominations. Wednesday broadcasts have the Power of Veto comp & ceremony. Thursdays’ shows will be eviction & Head of Household competitions.

From the Live Feeds side of the game, there will be lots more going on than just the three weekly Big Brother 16 episodes. Inside the house the HGs will have plenty of important events going on across the week to keep them busy. Here’s how live events will play out.

Following Thursday night’s live eviction shows and Head of Household competitions the HGs will prepare for nominations to be revealed on Friday nights. Before that, Have & Have-Not comps are usually Fridays. Saturday mornings bring the Power of Veto player announcements and mid-day Saturday offers up the PoV competition results.

Then on Monday afternoons we’ll find out what happened at the Power of Veto Ceremony. That event will determine our final noms for the week. From there the HGs will negotiate their safety or secure an opponent’s demise at the next vote.

Big Brother After Dark episodes will air on TVGN again this season. You’ll be able to watch a few hours of edited Feed content each night starting at 12AM ET/PT. If you prefer uncensored content from inside the house then you’ll need to get the Live Feeds.