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Thread: RTVL BB15 Challenge - Week 11 - DOUBLE EVICTION WEEK

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    Question RTVL BB15 Challenge - Week 11 - DOUBLE EVICTION WEEK

    It's Week 11 of the
    "RTVL BB15 Challenge"
    And its time for another

    All registered members are welcome to play!

    All answers must be submitted by
    9pm ET/ 8pm CT Thursday, September 5th!!

    This game is about what you think will happen
    in th
    e house between the September 5th and September 12th (or 11th) CBS Live Shows.
    Questions 2-11 about stuff that will happen during the Live Double Eviction show.
    Questions 1, 12 and 30 are bonus points so make sure to answer them.
    Questions 13-29 are about stuff that will happen after the live show during the normal week.

    Each week until the finale you will have a chance
    to accumulate bonus points based on who will win BB15!

    This game is for 550 points.
    The points on this game will be awarded based on CBS episodes.
    This weeks winner will be announced during the September 12th (or 11th) Live Show.

    Click here to play:

    Only a few weeks left of the season so make every answer count.
    Good Luck and Have Fun Everyone!!!

    NOTE: I said "September 12th (or 11th)" above and in the game on the double eviction question because the season is coming to a close and near the end the live show can move to wednesday as everything speeds up to get down to the final 2.

    ADDITIONAL NOTE: On the wednesday show anything that happens before eviction can count on both week 11 and 12. POV stuff will be on week 11 game. the low point yes no questions are the things that can count for both weeks (like will someone visit)
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