If you really like Silver jewelry with quality, and rare gemstones. I recommend JeGem. They are out of Bali, and when I used to buy and sell Jewelry, they had the finest quality. They have a lot of nice stones, some rare, and hard to find. I still have a lot of their pieces.

I am not a spokesperson for them, but when I saw the ad, thought I would make a comment. I'm not a huge silver fan, but they have some great pieces, and the gem quality is much better than what you can get on the shopping shows. If I wear silver it's usually JeGem.The gems are larger than usual, and are not the diamond, emerald, ruby types. They are more rare stones, and unusual. They sell a lot to Saks and Nordstroms, and not very expensive.

Just thought I'd leave a positive comment for the ad. Check out the Labradorite stone, which is named after the color change of the Aurora Borealis in Labrador, Canada. Beautiful. Worth a click on the site to check it out.