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Thread: BB 13: Fri-Sat, Sept 9-10, 2011, Overnight Recap

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    Default BB 13: Fri-Sat, Sept 9-10, 2011, Overnight Recap

    from Reality TV Chatter
    7:34pm to 12:18am BBT
    Friday night to just after midnight

    7:34pm BBT
    The Final 3 Dinner...

    The final 3 have gotten dressed up and they're all very happy and grateful... It's a nice scene to check out on flashback.

    Porsche: Yay, Corona!
    Rachel: Yay, Calamari!
    Adam: Ooh, we got Calamari? They do listen.
    BB: You're welcome.
    Rachel/Adam/Porsche: Awww!

    At 7:38pm, we get palm trees for a couple minutes. Then it picks back up at 7:42:15 with Cheers to Final 3. And a discussion of Best Game Moves for each of them.

    During the palm trees, BB informed the HGs that the finale will be on Wednesday.

    Rachel: Can you believe that we're the final 3?! Squeeee!!
    Porsche: Pretty exciting.
    Rachel: Really exciting.
    Porsche: Wednesday night, huh?
    Rachel: Wednesday night.
    Adam: Wow. 75 days.

    Rachel: I guess we can ask each other.. what we think our best game move was...

    Adam: My best game move was week 1.. saying no to the veterans.
    Rachel: hehehehe
    Adam: Because that showed them that I was not gonna be pushed around, bullied around.. I was here to play..
    Rachel: hmm
    Adam: And I hope they respected me for that.
    Rachel: I did.

    Porsche: My best game move was.. Not picking sides, I think.. And.. getting to know all of my cast mates... And ending up in the final 3 with the 2 people I was closest with in the house.
    Rachel: Awww.. That's true. Umm.. mine was... I don't know if it's best...

    Rachel: ..but the biggest thing I did was having to change my game when Brendon left.

    Adam nods vigorously.

    Rachel: Cuz.. before he left I was playing a totally different game. I was just in it to.. I don't even know.. hahaha
    Adam: You were balls to the wall, screw everybody.
    Rachel: Yeah, basically.
    Adam: ..I'm gonna win, I'm gonna win, I'm gonna win.
    Rachel: mm hmm
    Porsche: And then you had to take like a backseat..
    Rachel: mm hmm
    Porsche: ..for a little while.

    Adam: But you definitely changed as a person and a player...
    Rachel: Yeah, I think so too.
    Adam: And I know that week was tough for you...
    Rachel: Really tough.
    Adam: And a lot of people came to your aid...
    Rachel: Yes, they did. Thank you.

    Adam: I think we all made a good move when we started comparing notes about.. certain people.
    Porsche: That too.
    Rachel: Ohmigah.. When we found out about Shelly, and finally everyone believed us..
    Porsche: mm hmm


    Dinner continues...

    Porsche: I feel like I'm back to civilized life right now.. I'm wearing a dress. I'm wearing heels. I'm eating dinner...
    Rachel: With your friends..
    Adam: (nods)
    Porsche: I'm like, wow!
    Rachel: Seriously guys, I really do want us to stick true, no matter what, to the final 3 lunch?
    Porsche: mm hmm
    Adam: Yes. And it's good that it's on Wednesday.. We can probably do it Thursday or Friday..

    Porsche: We'll probably have press on Thursday.
    Rachel: Yeah, but we can do it before or after..
    Porsche: Probably after.. They probably keep a hold on us before, no?
    Rachel: mm mm. (no) One the finale's over, I don't know.. I don't know what Hayden did...

    **I can tell you he was in the Suite in Vegas for the Meet n Greet late Friday afternoon.... escorted by his mother.

    Rachel: But I remember seeing him the next day in the hotel.. and him and Lane and Enzo went out to lunch and stuff..

    ***7:28am Adam just got up. As he passes the sliding glass doors, we see the HGs are locked in, very likely until part 2 of the Final 3 HoH comp today.

    Porsche: Oh yeah? Nice.
    Rachel: So yeah. I know that we'll be able to. Cuz we all stay at the same hotel.
    Adam: We are gonna party that night.

    Porsche: Seriously.
    Rachel: Seriously. And I think Thursday, there's some Big Brother party in L.A...
    Adam: Yeah. Uh.. James?

    Porsche: James' party, yeah.

    ***The party they are referring to is Thursday night, and it's being cosponsored by Superpass, and it will be shown on the live feeds on Thursday night.. Yayyy! :0)

    CUT TO:

    8:54pm BBT
    Dinner is over, and the Final 3 have moved on to assessing the headshots on the memory wall...

    Soon after, they launch into a snarky must watch Zing session on all the fallen HGs. Click the pic to get to the live feeds log in page. :0)

    ***Note: My internet connection has gone out 5 times in the past 15 minutes, making it very difficult to transcribe conversations. I called Comcast, but it must be a widespread problem. The call center must be really overwhelmed... their message actually says to call again later. Hopefully, it stays up long enough to post this...

    ***In the interest of getting as much of the Overnight up as possible, I'm just gonna post flashback times and brief summaries.. Fingers crossed.

    CUT TO:
    9:44pm BBT

    Rachel gives the Adam and Porsche props for hanging with and overcoming most of the veterans... And then it's Rachel's turn to receive the accolades.

    Adam: 2 winners, a 2nd place, and 3 of the fiercest competitors to play this game.
    Rachel: I mean, if I was you guys, I woulda been like, what the F?
    Porsche: We did!
    Rachel: Thank you Big Brother for effing our game up.
    Porsche: Yeah, we totally did. We were like, Wow! And then we thought about it again, and we're like, obviously, they think we're good enough to be with these 6 people, so ya know what? We better step up our game and play like we belong here.
    Adam: And obviously, 2 of us have made it with one of you..
    Rachel: Awww.. True.
    Adam: It was 8 and 6 and now it's 2 to 1..
    Rachel: 2 newbies versus 1 veteran.. And who the hell ever thought I would be the one veteran?! Did you guys ever think that? Be honest.
    Porsche: (nods yes)
    Adam: No.
    Rachel: Porsche says yes. hehe
    Adam: Cuz I knew how strong of a player you were, and I knew how big of a target you were.

    : Seriously! I was a huge target this entire game. I walk in the house, they're like, "Get Rachel out!"
    Porsche: Even Jordan!!
    Rachel: I know!

    Adam: Well, hold on.. This is week 11 technically? Or there were 10 weeks? You were on the block for 5 of them. And HoH for 3 of them..
    Rachel: Yeah. Half of the time I was on the block.. and then I won 2 vetoes.. So I was either on the block, HoH or Veto holder. That's it. That's like my life of Big Brother. Hello. I was either target to go home, or winning a competition. Hello, Big Rachel... Big Red.

    ***There's your speech to the jury, dear. You don't need to say another word. Incidentally, you also just made an excellent argument for not taking you to final 3, in the event that choice is out of your hands.

    Rachel: And same with Brendon, same with Daniele, same with Jeff... Like Brendon? Didn't win something? See ya! Daniele? Didn't win Veto? See ya! Jeff? Couldn't win Clown Shoes? See ya! It was crazy.. You guys are..

    Adam: That just shows how good of competitors that you guys are..
    Rachel: Yeah..
    Adam: And in this game, you have to be good and a little bit lucky..

    CUT TO:
    10:25pm BBT
    Guess who?

    Adam: In fact, you were in my dream last night.

    Rachel: Really?
    Porsche: Woah!
    Adam: That I was off work.. but I was off that day.. and I was doin' my radio show, so I was at work, and my radio show was when I was in college, which is weird, and I played the song, Blood Red by Slayer, and dedicated it to Big Red, because you were at the studio with me, because I was photocopying stuff and needed somebody to hit play on the CD for me.
    Rachel: hmm. Thank you.
    Adam: Yeah.. that's the dreams that I have.

    Back to cards.. Porsche starts banging on the table, percussionist style.. After a minute.. Rachel does a little too.. It's part of the card game. Rachel wins this round... and they launch into a spontaneous burst of Big Booty, Big Booty, which they haven't played since there were 14 people in the house. :0) Very fun!

    Go to 10:28pm on the quad

    to check it out.

    CUT TO:
    Candy Room
    Rachel, Adam and Porsche

    Pillow talk... Reminiscing about the season, Adam's favorite part was playing pool with (and consistently beating) Jeff.

    Adam: I knew if I wanted to win, I just had to stat talking game..
    Porsche: So every time you won, you guys were talking game?
    Adam: Yeah.
    Porsche: hmm. Interesting.. I knew you guys were talking game.. And you were talking game right in front of us.
    Adam: Nope. When it was just him and I outside. I'd beat him like 4 to 1, and he'd be like, "Why do you always do this to me?" Because I know you can't concentrate on both.
    Rachel: hehe

    Porsche: oh boy.. (pause) So what did they say? Late evening was our game (part 2 of the final 3 hoh comp) tomorrow?
    Adam: Late Afternoon.

    ***Okie dokie! I'll be back with the Final 3 HoH Comp Part 2 Spoiler and Aftermath and soon as that happens!
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