by Dan Levy
-- 09/09/2011

With only three houseguests remaining, our Big Brother summer is almost over. What are the initial reactions to the results of part one of the final Head of Household competition? Who is planning on taking whom to the finals? What other things are on the houseguests’ minds? Find out here! Warning: This article contains spoiler information.

We pick up where William left off in his Part 1 of the live feed recap. It is 8:00 PM in the Big Brother house and Rachel has just won the first part of the final Head of Household (HOH) competition. She celebrates with a little dance in the storage room. She joins Adam and Porsche, where they all express their soreness and how they are nauseated from the spinning during the competition. They try to tabulate how many competitions they’ve all played in. Adam tells the girls he thinks any of the three of them deserve to win. Porsche mentions that she evicted Jordan because she has already won the game.

Adam states that he never expected to get this far on Big Brother. He thought he would make the jury but not much further than that. All houseguests agree that the game would’ve been much different if Evel Dick didn’t have to leave the game. The three remaining houseguests eat and discuss past competitions. After they finish eating, they start playing blackjack with their brand new cards.

Adam gets called to the diary room, and while he’s in there the girls start speculating about jury votes. Porsche and Rachel agree that Daniele would vote for Adam if he was against Rachel. (Wrong!) Rachel says she is only playing for second place at this point. She mentions that whoever is the last person evicted won’t have time to discuss their vote with the other jurors. Porsche and Rachel agree that Adam has a good shot at winning. (That makes me ill. As much as I cannot stand Rachel as a person, I’d rather see her win than Adam. However, I’m Team Porsche all the way.)

Rachel and Porsche agree that Shelly wouldn’t vote for Rachel to win. Rachel mentions that Jordan loves Adam, so she would probably vote for him to win.

[Editor’s Note: I don’t know if Rachel is purposely lying to Porsche to get her to take Rachel to the end if she wins the final HOH competition, but Jordan pretty much told Rachel flat-out that she and the other core veterans would vote for her to win.]

The two girls start studying the memory wall, assuming that Porsche will have to play in the “morphomatic” competition where she needs to point out distinguishing features from memory wall pictures. Rachel states that only Cassi and Brendon have beautiful smiles in their memory wall pictures. She says that Daniele has a cute skinny nose, but a joker smile. They start looking more closely at the pictures to distinguish eye color.

Porsche starts talking about her strategy in the final Power of Veto (POV) competition. Porsche mentions that Jordan did better than Adam in that competition. Rachel begins complaining that Adam got Tori Spelling and Porsche got $5,000, but she’s gotten nothing so far. She adds that Adam will probably win the game too.

As they continue playing cards, Rachel brings up the fact that she would have been in on the Daniele, Shelly, Porsche, and Kalia alliance if Shelly hadn’t been a part of it. Porsche continues to make observations about memory wall pictures. Rachel warns her not to over-think things during the competition.

Rachel starts to speculate about why Evel Dick had to leave the house. They both agree it must have been something urgent. Rachel and Porsche being jokingly say they should tell the jury that they’ve been working together all summer and that it was part of their plan to play each side of the house.

Rachel randomly decides to ask Porsche if Jeff and Jordan would have voted for Brendon to stay if Porsche did, but Porsche says she didn’t think they would have. Rachel seems annoyed that they weren’t legitimately trying to save Brendon. The scheme to save Daniele is brought up again, along with the reasons that it fell apart. Porsche makes a joke about Adam crying in the diary room since his best friend Jordan left. Rachel makes a remark about Porsche not liking Jordan. Porsche says it’s just that Jordan was standing between her and the money. Rachel still seems to be in disbelief about Jeff and Jordan not wanting to save Brendon. Porsche says that Jeff was building a secret army, and Rachel says that Daniele was too.

Adam emerges from the diary room around 10:45 PM. Rachel begins talking about how she thought she was going to be the target when Jeff won HOH. She brings up the fact that he was mean to her sometimes. Rachel believes she was kept as a shield to keep the target off of Jeff. Rachel says that she thinks Jeff or Daniele will win America’s Choice.

Porsche is now in the diary room, as Adam and Rachel play cards. Rachel and Adam talk about how they felt during the competition they just finished. They both state that their feet didn’t fit on the platform. Adam says that Porsche looked like she was getting sick during the competition. They both think it will be weird getting back to real life next week.

Adam starts reminiscing about various things. He states that he thought Dominic and Cassi were the newbies that flipped before he figured out that it was Kalia and Shelly. He talks about almost being out of the house week three, and how he overheard Kalia telling Shelly that they should vote out Adam. (Indeed, in Kalia’s interview with RNO, she specifically mentions that she should have voted him out then.) Adam brings up the fact that Daniele wanted to backdoor Brendon for a while and was pleased that he used the POV on Rachel instead of himself.

Rachel thinks Daniele knew that would happen because of conversations they had early in the summer when they were close with Daniele. Adam speculates that Daniele was bored with the golden keys and was falling for Dominic. He adds that she was jealous of Cassi’s relationship with Dominic.

Adam begins talking about Kalia and how she tried to get him to use the POV on either her or Porsche last week.

Adam says that they didn’t know Adam was back with the veterans again. Rachel thinks that Kalia could’ve beaten anyone in the final two, except maybe Daniele. They both agree that Kalia was very manipulative.

Adam, never missing an opportunity to kiss ass, says that his biggest regret was turning on Brendon and Rachel.

He mentions that he felt closer to Jeff and Jordan for most of the game. Adam tries to claim that he wasn’t riding the fence during the game, but he is wrong. He also tells Rachel that he would’ve nominated her as a pawn if he won HOH during the fast forward.

Porsche is out of the diary room around 11:30, and Rachel gets summoned. Porsche tells Adam she had to evict Jordan because it was best for Porsche’s own game. She adds that Adam and Jordan would have taken each other to the final two. Porsche jokes with Adam that he should take her to the finals because she’s cute. Adam jokes that they can get in a fight with Rachel and get her to punch them so she’ll be kicked out. Adam thinks that it will be hard to get the veteran votes up against Rachel.

Rachel rejoins the others later on, and they play more cards before getting ready for bed. Porsche tells Rachel she was close to throwing up during the competition. Porsche looks at memory wall alone while Adam and Rachel play with stuffed animals. They all go to sleep in the candy room around 1:45 AM.