Don't forget to play the BB13 Finale Challenge Game. The Finale game is open until Wednesday September 14th at 9:30pm ET. It is worth 700 points so even if you missed a few weeks there is still a chance to win. This game is for a $20 gift card. Winner and prize will be awarded at the end of the BB13 Finale east coast airing. To play the BB13 Finale Challenge Game click this link:

Game 1 of the Survivor 23 Challenge is now posted and will also be open until Wednesday September 14th. This challenge will close at 8:00pm ET, just before the east coast airing. Because Survivor is a pre-recoded program and spoilers are easily found online this game does not have a prize and is played just for fun. Nanoflower has won this game 2 seasons in a row (both seasons we have had this game) so my personal challenge is to try to beat the reigning champ which I'm sure will not be easy. To play the Survivor 23 Challenge Game 1 click this link:

Good luck and enjoy the challenges and shows!