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Thread: RTVL Survivor 21 Challenge

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    Thumbs up RTVL Survivor 21 Challenge

    Since we had so much fun with the Big Brother Challenge I thought we should have a Survivor version so...

    Welcome to the Survivor Challenge!

    Each Thursday a game will be posted with questions pertaining to the following weeks episode. The game will be open until Wednesday at 8pm et just before the new episode airs. Each game will have between 10 and 20 questions and be for approximately 200 points (more as the season gets closer to the end.)

    Due to Survivor being pre-recorded and spoilers being available in many locations online, this game will not have a prize other than bragging rights (which can be fun, just ask Puddles.)

    To play click here:
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    These Challenge games are really fun prize or no prize. It was the only reason I kept watching BB this season.

    I know they are a lot of work, so thank you Nick and anyone else that is working on them for us. It's appreciated.

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