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Thread: How to bypass mIRC registration

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    Default How to bypass mIRC registration

    Here is a question I see a lot:

    My mIRC trial period has or is about to expire! It is now or is going to ask me to register to use it. Do I need to register?

    The answer is NO you do not need to register. mIRC is a free program, they do however like you to donate at least $20 for continued support of the program. If you can afford it and you like the program I would suggest you donate the money. This will register mIRC for the life of the program as well as any future updates. It is a one time fee.

    Anyway if you do not want to register you will either get one or both of the windows below. Just click continue after each one. This will take a little longer to connect, but hey you didn't want to pay for the program so suck it up and just click continue. You don't want to wait you say? well ok just pay that $20 and you won't have to!

    Now to the images you see again if you don't pay the $20 to mIRC you will see these each and everytime you connect.

    first image you will see is this:

    Just click continue.

    Next image you might see is this if you have the newer version:

    again just click continue then you should be able to connect. Now I haven't registered for some time as you can see and I still use and can connect using this program so you shouldn't have any problems as well.
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    This is for older versions of mIRC. The newest version has been programmed to make you register when the trial period runs out. If you want an older version of mIRC you can go here then you can download an older version of mIRC and not worry about having to register. Although the registration of mIRC is a one time fee and lasts for the lifetime and future upgrades of mIRC and helps pay for the programming costs of it. I don't think $20 for lifetime registration is that much to ask for.

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